Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{May 20, 2010}   The Basics: Choosing Your Class

One of my big complaints with RPGs,  especially WoW, is that I frequently don’t know what I want to be when I first start the game. My fallback is always casters- I love some magic in my life. But really, it all depends on how each class is played.  In a perfect world, I’d get to play to level 5 or 10 with no ‘class’ just some sort of neutral skill set (because really, at that level, does your one spell or special talent matter? no.) then would have to choose from there.

In real life and fitness though, we totally have that option! I have a tried a million different methods of losing weight- Nutri System, straight calorie counting, cutting out something or another entirely, a variety of workout plans and classes from swimming to weights to biking to pilates and dance. In most of these areas, especially when I started, I felt like Big Bird attempting yoga.  Have you ever seen Big Bird try to do Downward-Facing Dog? It’s not a pretty sight.

All that to say, choosing what works best for you is a lot like choosing your class. Out-of-a-box diets (Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Medi Fast) don’t work for me. In fact, when I was on NutriSystem, I passed out at work while getting a chair massage as a combo of low blood sugar and a weird placed knot in my neck. In gaming terms, that’s a wipe.  Really though, the issue here is that I LOVE food. And I love my food to taste like actual food. So really, what works best for me is to eat real food and to be smart about it. *This will be covered later when we talk about leveling your cooking*

Exercises are totally the same for me. Because of the Big Bird aspect of my life, I REALLY hate group sports. Which, actually, is pretty true of me in video games too- I’d much rather solo level than in a group. I don’t like being told what to do, it makes me cranky. And I get embarrassed by my general lack of knowledge and skill. Just leave me alone and let me do my thing. Because of that, you will only find me in classes once in a while but what is working best for me is a load of solo questing. I have a great accountability system, to be discussed when we talk about finding the right guild, and that has made a huge difference. But really, when it comes down to it, I have to work with the class that best suits me.

Realistically, our preferences will change as we progress and that’s great. Switch it up- good for your body and your interest levels. Most of all though, it’s about choosing the class that I think will not just help me lose weight but will change my patterns and therefore how I live my life.


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