Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{May 21, 2010}   Wiping in the Dungeon of Diets: Elite Boss Medi Fast

Here at GGGT, Fridays are for fun. Forget my blathering on about how I incorporate my gaming life into my fitness life. Instead, Fridays will be whatever strikes my fancy and, hopefully, full of guest posts. Today’s guest post is from my life-long bff, Andy.

Hello everybody! What I wanted to post about has a lot to do with Jenn’s post yesterday about choosing the right class. Choosing the right regiment of diet/exercise is akin to choosing your class. I love the melee aspect of games so, obviously, my first toon was a warrior. This was, however, until I realized I suck at being a Tank. The responsibility was too much for me; I’d stop paying attention and lose aggro and then people would die. Who do they get mad at? Not the hunter who started with his most powerful shot before I could even finish my charge! (Ok that only happened once and we died many times) No, it was the little warrior who couldn’t keep up with the demands of the job. So what if I wasn’t doing it right? I didn’t care, I just wanted to have fun!

Ask anyone, tanking is a tough job; you have to know damn near everything about what you’re doing. The tank has to know what to do and when to do it; and if you want to be a really good tank you need discipline and dedication to learn what it takes to be awesome. I am not a good Tank, I didn’t want to be a good tank. I had none of these qualities; I just wanted to kill things. Point me in a direction, slap my thigh and let me go kthx!

I approached the Medi Fast diet much in the same frame of mind; I saw it as a way to get skinny without having to work out or, really, do much of anything. Just eat the food they send you and lose the pounds. Where’s the bad right? I lasted all of a week on that diet. I didn’t take it seriously; I figured I could handle whatever came along when it got there. I mean how hard could it be to only eat about 900 calories in a day?

I didn’t expect hunger to kick my ass so handily, which it absolutely did. It didn’t help that I chose to start the diet a week before my son’s first birthday. I was not a nice person to be around. Before that week I never thought I would consider punching my son’s two year old friend in the face just to get to her piece of Elmo cake. Ok, I didn’t really want to punch kinds in the face but, good lord, did I want that Elmo cake. So after just one week on the diet I gave it up; I just couldn’t handle it.

I didn’t plan my diet out. I wasn’t prepared for what it would take to do the job well. I didn’t take it seriously, and those who were with me suffered. It was my fault that my team wiped when I was a tank and it was my fault I wasn’t prepared for this diet and that my friends and family hated me while I was on it. So for the love of those you’re with, don’t tank if you don’t care about tanking and don’t do a diet if you’re not going to prepare for it. Find something that you know you can do and do that. Wiping is no fun.


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