Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{May 24, 2010}   Rested Exp= Double Exp

Yawn. I’m exhausted. If I were a Sim, my energy levels today would have started out borderline green and quickly heading yellow. It’s like there are just some things that I’ll just never learn not to do. Things like- don’t bring sugar into the house because if it’s there, I’ll eat it. If I put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket right away, I don’t have to deal with them twice. Go to bed at a decent hour.  The last point is also known as: logging off  in the middle of the zone is never going to be as great as taking the two minutes to run back to to the Inn before I camp.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I can be really terrible at getting enough rest. And super whiny about it. I never get to bed early enough, I’ll always choose to do stuff rather than take time to rest. And now, with the addition of regular and frequent exercise in my life, means that more often than not, I find myself going to the gym even though every part of me is screaming for rest instead of workout. I think “but I need to workout! I’ll sleep better that way! I get skinny by working out! I gorged myself on sweets that I didn’t even want last night and now I need to make up for it!”

But here’s the thing- rested exp = double exp. True in WoW and, more than that, so true in real life. Our bodies need time to recover. Unfortunately, how much time is needed is completely different for all of us so it really becomes about listening to our bodies and giving them what they need.

This is not to say don’t work out if you’re tired. It seems like we are all more or less chronically tired. But there’s a difference between tired because I don’t treat my body right and tired because my body needs some recovery time. I’m still really struggling to find that line and I’m realizing that it’s much easier to see when I’m giving myself what I need- enough rest at night, the right foods and good exercise.

So tonight? I’m going to watch the LOST finale (DON’T TELL ME!) and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Looking forward to rested exp tomorrow!


nerdknight says:

haha i picture you crouching in the corner eating handfuls of raw turbinado sugar muttering sounds not unlike Gollum’s “my precious.”

oh and Hurley wrestles a greased up Polar Bear.

Jenn says:

um… so what if i eat sugar straight up? is that bad?

Slatsette says:

I shall join you on your epic adventure.

Jenn says:

awesome! welcome!

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