Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{May 26, 2010}   Call me Crapivore

I LOVE playing The Sims. It’s one of my favorite games and, really, is probably the one that led to me becoming a gamer in any way. The thing is, I’m pretty over playing it straight (you know, playing it the way they want you to where the sims live and prosper). Typically my favorite thing to do is to make it as hard on my sims as I possibly can. That said, I get a huge kick out of not teaching them to cook and then seeing them eat terrible food, get fat and/or burn their house down because they fail at using the stove.

The thing that is absolutely ridiculous is that I’ve spent a huge part of my life doing this exact thing to myself. While it’s hilarious in a video game (don’t you love when they plug their noses and are grossed out by the food but eat it anyway?), it’s not something I would ever think was funny in my real life. And yet. There I was/am, eating everything in sight regardless of how good or bad it is for me. Mac and cheese from a box every day? Sure! Burritos as a regular part of my diet? Give me double tortillas! Packaged chips and cookies? Mix the flaming hot with extra cheesy Cheetos and pass them over! In other words, I’m not just an omnivore, I’m a crapivore.

No wonder I’ve been a chubby.

Being chubby was definitely the beginning of my inspiration to start eating better. But, unfortunately, after years of crappy college eating, I had no idea where to even begin. Luckily, I met my friend Jenn. Her hubs and I worked together on a few projects when DH and I lived in Southern California and I got to watch her progress from being unhappy with her weight to winning the first Figure Competition she ever entered (you should read her story, it’s incredible). Which is all to say that, when I decided that I just couldn’t live life as a chubby any more, I sent Jenn an email and begged for help. Since then (the end of January), she’s been my trainer, my accountability and frequently my motivation when I have none. One of the most important things she’s said to me is that the best abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. She’s absolutely right.

To put it all in WoW terms, what food are you carrying in your bags? Are you a level 50something priest in the middle of BRD with only level 20 water? (Not that I’m speaking from recent experience or anything. I definitely didn’t do that just last week.) What we eat totally matters. My progress is not only stalled but can be entirely undone by what I’m putting in my gaping maw.

Gamers of the world, unite! Put down the Mountain Dew and Cheetos! Pick up an apple! I promise, it won’t kill you!


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