Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{May 28, 2010}   I am nothing like Spiderman

Happy Friday all! Welcome to Andy’s guest post for our Friday Fun. Knowing your limitations is so vital… as poor Andy learned the hard way.

Happy Friday everyone! This week I wanted to share a little story about myself. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it enough to overlook the fact that it doesn’t really have anything to do with fitness, or even World of Warcraft. But it is a good reminder to always keep limitations in mind, and Fridays are for fun, so here it goes!

It was a bright sunny morning in San Dimas, California. Of course I didn’t know that. I was dreaming about super heroes and video games in the top bunk of my dorm room. It was a peaceful time, until the alarm clock went off on my phone. Groggy and angry for having to wake up for…something. What was it? Why had I set the alarm? What day is it?  Phone says it’s…Saturday, why am I awake at 6:55 on Saturday morning?! What the hell is wrong with me?  This crap had better be good. Oh! The X-Men/TMNT hour starts at 7! Hells yes! It’s the Apocalypse story line, and the Turtles are somewhere in space. I need to find the remote.

I swing my head over the side, trying not to disturb the rest of my body in the hopes that I won’t have to fully wake up. The remote was on the floor next the desk chair, both in front of the bunk bed; a mere seven feet separated me from the X-Men. What’s the fastest way to get it? Show starts in…two minutes. All I have to do is hop down onto the desk chair, grab the remote and get back in bed. Nothing to it, I’m enough like Spiderman I can do this. Deciding that now is the time for my legs to do their part, my brain has done its share it’s time for the legs to chip in. Bringing my legs over the edge of the bunk bed directly above the desk chair I brace myself for what should be a nimble cat like jump and push myself off.

My aim was sure, my feet hit the chair, sending it flying across the room slamming into my roommate’s desk then falling onto its side. My feet tried following the chair, wanting to stay with the chair, as was their mission. My arms however decided to go see how my still sleeping roommate was doing. Maybe they thought he needed a hug. They reached for him, grabbing his blanket, pulling it off him as my body continued it’s decent downward. Luckily, my ass was there to break my fall.

I laid there, trying to figure out what went wrong. My now awake roommate was making exclamations and accusations about what I was doing. What ever it was I’m sure his concerns for my well being outweighed his outrage for being woken up in such a manner, even if they didn’t come out in that order. The only conclusion to what could have gone wrong was… “Are you ok?!”

“I am nothing like Spiderman.”

I pulled the remote from under the small of my back, climbed back into bed and turned on the TV. The all too familiar guitar rift of the X-Men theme song was just finishing. At least I haven’t missed too much of it.

“Sweet, X-Men’s on! Let’s watch that.”

“Good idea.”


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