Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 2, 2010}   Sounds like….

smired. hired. fired. That’s right, the theme word here is tired! I am absolute exhausted today and as a result, completely empty on creativity. If I were a Sim, my energy status bar would be precariously balanced across orange almost red and I would be waving from my desk with that angry tone they get when you won’t let them sleep. If only that worked in my real life…

After last Thursday’s rush, I found myself sick on Friday then at a family gathering all weekend and helping work through some family needs yesterday.  It’s been an incredible weekend and so full of all of the joys that come with spending time with family. Including, but not limited to, laughing hysterically as my dad referenced South Park and then made a WoW joke all in a 5 minute span. I love having a nerdy family.

Yesterday was one of those days that starts way before the sun gets up and ends long after it’s gone to bed. Half way through the day I was desperate for a nap and sometime to myself but didn’t have nearly enough time on my hands to make it worth it. So, instead, I went to the gym. Craziness! Working out when tired?! Wha?! But here’s the more surprising thing- it totally helped! Honestly, I knew all of the theories that it would but was so happy to discover that this is true! I got in a great strength workout, ate a little bit and suddenly had loads more energy and was good to go for the rest of my day! Is it horrible that once I realized how true this is, my next thought was “I wonder if the same rules would apply to keeping my energy up for raid nights?”


Andy says:

Keren has learned that she feels a lot better after working out when she was sleepy before. I just feel more hungry after. Getting to the gym when sleepy is the hard part tho…

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