Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 4, 2010}   Andy does his dailies

Welcome to Friday Fun, all! Here is Andy’s Friday guest post… all about dailies, gear, and the importance of caring for the island of beached sea-cows!

I was never very big into running dailies. I could care less if a village of beached sea-cows liked me or not. In WoW I’m too scatter brained to care much about rep with tiny factions or even the items you can get from doing them day in and day out only to find something better a few days later. I am equally scatter brained IRL (in real life for all you non-wowies).

Dailies, however, are even more important IRL than in WoW, if you want to get and stay healthy that is. Lately I have been trying to go on walks every week day at work. I’ll take my law protected 15 minute break and briskly walk up the street to Lowes and back with a buddy in my department; which has been a bit more difficult what with the non stop rain we’ve been having. Shouldn’t it be summer by now? I was promised summer by June! Anyway, I digress. In the beginning it was a push to get there and back again in 15 minutes. So I brought in some old work out shoes so I wouldn’t have sore feet and sore feet as an excuse not to go. And as Jenn mentioned wonderfully in one of her previous posts having the right gear made all the difference in the world. After a few days of wearing the right shoes on my walk it became cake…mmm…cake; which added to my surprise when I finally measured how far that walk is in my car and discovered that I can now walk just shy of a mile in 15 minutes. Not bad for a Fatty-Fatty-No-Friends.

The other thing doing something healthy everyday does for me is learning self discipline. Not something I had an excess of being an over weight gamer, but something I need in order to get not fat. So there you have it and have a great weekend my chums!


Marion says:

<3 this is hilarious and awesome dudes

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