Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 7, 2010}   Game Guides


I love to obsess about things. If something has caught my interest, it’s likely that is one of the only things I’m doing, thinking about reading about, talking about, etc. This has been true of every video game I’ve ever seriously played. For instance, when Fable 2 came out, DH and I played and beat it (two games beaten, friends, we each beat it separately) within a week and a half. We played it so much that we completely overheated and fried our Xbox, bought a new one and then continued playing. We got all of it, even the little annoying side things done. That’s how I roll.

In WoW, this has played out to me becoming one of those people who read forums and is constantly tweaking my toons according to specs and rotations that I’m reading are the best for the current patch or whatever goal I’m trying to reach at the time (dps, pvp, etc.).

So, as it turns out, I’m totally taking my obsessive nature to my fitness life now as well. It started out as the thing I did because I know I need to. But now, something in my brain has broken and it’s become a point of complete focus for me lately. It’s the majority of what I think, talk, write and read about (hence this blog). I’m totally hunting down books, blogs and forums to see what I can learn.  With that in mind, I’ve made a page for Game Guides: you can see it in the “Pages” section of the sidebar. It’s still building but will be a list of the things I’m reading, watching, using as the game guides to my fitness pursuit!


Andy says:

haha that reminds me of the time i brought my PlayStation over to your parents house and we played FF8 and your mom felt like she had to tell me “You do know that’s not what real girls look like right?”

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