Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 8, 2010}   Meeting the Day Star

DH and I went for a lovely walk last night. It turns out that there is this gorgeous park in our city’s downtown that is a wildlife preserve sort of thing. It’s one of those deals that has a lot of natural habitat and birds and turtles and fish and water fowl and all kinds of things I like and think are cute.


(Don’t mind the weird thing coming out of the side of my shadow-head. It’s a side ponytail that, while it looks ridiculous there, was super cute IRL.) The evening was perfect- sunny and nice, the best temperature we’ve had this year. And it got me thinking that one of my favorite things in the whole active world is being outside. I love the sun, I love being warm.

The thing is, I always forget this. Typically, when I think about going outside, I think of all the things I hate-  allergies, too hot or too cold, bugs, bees, geese. (Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of geese? For real. I made DH hold my hand last night whenever we had to walk through a group of them. They’re mean!!) But really, outside is awesome! Don’t be afraid of the Day Star, my friends! It burns but not if you’re smart about it! Fresh air is good for your lungs and the greatly feared Day Star keeps you from looking like a consumption patient out of some victorian novel who has just started coughing and only has 8 pages left to live!

This summer, I’m going to spend more time outside. You all should join me! Let’s abandon our video games (or, at least, play less), our mother’s basements, our towers made of mountain dew cans. Let the pizza guy have a few days off from delivery and go outside!

Meet the Day Star, it’s good for you!


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