Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 10, 2010}   All About Guilds

My favorite part of my WoW experience has been the in game friendships- especially within my guild. It gives me the chance to hang out with friends who are far away and meet up with a few new people. Jokes ensue, we kill stuff together and it’s a generally great time. Best of all, they are always pushing me to be better. Where I might give up and just make a new toon when I get stumped on something, my guild is right there telling me to get it together and figure out whatever is wrecking my dps. Or, they’re searching the Elitist Jerks forums to help me figure it all out. And they’ve got my back! Nothing is as fun as having your guild tear apart some jerk who has just called you a noob for not having epic gear the day you get 80.

I’m sure you can see where this is going….

Community and accountability is super important. Especially when you’re trying to change the entire way you’ve lived your life. I desperately need people around who are going to push me to drag my sorry rear to the gym, to put down those hot cheetos (yeah I’m totally obsessed with cheetos right now) and to stop, for the love of all things sacred and holy, eating all of the chocolate that is in the office. My accountability system reminds me that I am not, in fact, Disgusting Scavenger Bird and I do not need to scrounge up trash to survive. I can eat real food! I can get that workout in even though I’m tired!

If you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve been working on getting healthier for a while and are just looking for a bit of a support system, join us! I’d really like to eventually start a ‘guild’ for this blog, let us be a community of nerds who care about being healthy! You can do it! And if anyone calls you a noob, I’ll wreck ’em. Just tell me where to find them. Well… unless they’re bigger than me. Then I’ll yell funny things and run away. (Just being honest.)


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