Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 16, 2010}   Travel Confessions

We’re back! After a lovely few days touring the Pacific Northwest, DH and I are home and back to our normal lives. Trip was absolutely incredible and so full of great times with friends. And food. And beverages. This can also be read as “my insides feel sticky, I’m afraid to get on my scale and omg what have I done to my body?!”

There are too many things from weekend to share although I’m sure most of the great stories, or at least the ones that relate to my endeavors in health/fitness, will come out over the next couple of weeks. But, let me just say: Seattle is an incredible city. Especially for people who don’t really care about eating meat and LOVE coffee. Omg Lavender Mochas. I could kiss the genius who came up with that idea. But then DH would be sad so, I won’t. I ate more weird vegetarian food than anyone cares to know about but the highlight on that end was definitely a vegan hot dog with cream cheese (hahaha take that vegan!) and onions and mustard. SO GOOD.

Highlight number 2 in food world: We got to spend time with Andy and his lovely wife and their wonderful, adorable, brilliant and hilarious son! Huzzah! Part of said time was spent eating Voodoo Donuts. Have you been there? If not, you need to make a trip to Portland just to enjoy the glory. When we got home from Voodoo, full of donuty goodness and feeling quite a bit like waddling buckets of lard, we sat down to watch t.v. To be more specific, we watched one of the P90x videos. Please note, I said watch. In other words, we sat, full of donuts, and watched other people workout without actually doing it ourselves. HUZZAH! It only would have been made better by eating the donuts while watching the video. We’re ridiculous!

So I’m home and feeling like my poor body desperately needs a cleanse. If I thought those lemonade/cayenne pepper/syrup cleanses were anything other than terrible for me, I would totally do one. Instead, it’s back to eating like a human person. I think I’m going to blog a bit about my food this week, I need the accountability.

Quick note: I don’t regret anything I ate this weekend. I really believe that special things are okay, as long as you aren’t eating that crap all day every day. I ate more meat than I normally do, I ate sweets which I pretty much never do, I drank a zillion different calorie filled beverages which is a far cry from my normal coffee and water. But the thing is, I don’t do that every day and, like my friend Jenn says, guilt is a useless emotion. It’s not getting me anywhere. So I don’t feel guilty but I do know I have a huge amount of work ahead of me to get back on track.



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