Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 17, 2010}   The Food Thing

Food= wonderful, beautiful, delicious, perfect. It’s like the One Ring to Rule Them All.

Jenn= Gollum. In a cave, cuddling frozen yogurt, calling it my precious and not realizing what a disgusting, pale, sickening troll it has made me into.

Having a healthy relationship with food is such a difficult task for me. But it’s completely vital. I love food, I love interesting food and beautiful food and fine food and street food. But I tend to get all creepy co-dependent with my food. I tell myself I need things I don’t (omg chocolate. I need you…) and that I’m hungry when I’m not.

So I’m working my way through this and the best piece of advice I’ve been given is to eat REAL food. What I mean by real food is things that are not processed. Stuff my great-grandma would have recognized. Or, better yet, stuff my great great great-grandma would have recongized. Things that grow on trees and from the ground and that I could make myself if I had the right, reasonable tools. (I couldn’t make Corn Syrup, friends. And therefore, could not make Twinkies.) These days, I’m trying to eat a lot of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, as much organic and free range meat as I can get my hands on and little to no processed stuff. See you later, Kraft singles. Real cheese is better in every single way.

In all honesty, I think this journey has helped me love food even more. Where I once went weeks without eating fresh fruits or vegetables, I start to feel sad and weird if I go even a day without them. Pike’s Place Market was like PAX is to Andy: happiness, love and joy, all rolled into one. DH and I stood at the produce stands and just stared, completely mystified by the glorious produce that was laid out before us. AND THEN! Then they gave us samples! FOR FREEEEEEEE. I’m sorry for the caps there but seriously, I really love samples and even more than that, I adore free!

So we came home with peaches and cherries and I’m dying for summer to hit full force and my farmer’s market to be full of these glorious things.

I’m not sure if I’ve fixed my relationship with food quite yet. But, I think I can safely say that food probably has cancelled that restraining order. Now I just need to stop calling it Precious.

P.S. This is the worst idea I’ve seen in a long time. Do your food research, people. Too good to be true diets are just that- too good to be true and seriously terrible for you. I love bacon too, it’s meat candy. But a diet of bacon and no fruit, no veggies and no grains? Yeah, that’s a horrible plan.


Andy says:

Oh-Em-Gee! That paleolithic thing just sounds awful! No grains, no beans, no seeds, no fruit, drink whole cream and cook with animal fat?!?! better yet! go buy a dairy cow and a pig and just suckle when you get thirsty and carve off what you want when you get hungry…that doesn’t even leave much to cook in animal fat. Every meal would be lamb or beef cooked in bacon grease with a side of bacon and some heavy whipping cream to chew it down with.

Devin says:

Hey, there! Kathie from MAF mentioned you and your blog to a couple of us geeks that she knows, so I wanted to pop around, say hi, and let you know that I’m totally stalking your blog.

The RPG podcast I listen to, Fear the Boot, had two episodes on the topic of gamer health back in February (Episodes 180-181), and as an occasional LARPer (not as much as I used to be) health and weight has been on my mind quite a bit. The difficulty always seems to me to be finding something that tastes good and is easy to prepare while still being healthy.

My wife’s also a food snob, so she’s far more finicky than I am about the content and quality of food we eat, so I think she would sympathize with your plight.

Finally, ‘meat candy’ is now entering my personal lexicon.

Jenn says:

Hey Devin! Welcome to my blog! :D

I’m totally going to have to check out Fear the Boot, I’ve been on the hunt for some good podcasts!

My darling hubs (DH) is a total food snob too so, this food thing has been a big deal for us. The transition to eating real food has been so easy though; better meats, better produce and making it exactly how we like it. Totally helps. DH and I currently have 8 different cookbooks checked out to start looking for ideas. If you guys have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Welcome again!

Jenn says:

P.S. “Meat Candy” totally isn’t mine but I desperately wish it was. We have Jim Gaffigan to thank for that lovely nugget. :)

Michael says:

Greetings and salutations!

That bit of overwrought phrasing was provided as proof that I’m Kathie’s brother. You are now getting all kinds of traffic from that woman pointing us geeks in your direction.

Love the blog, and love the idea of gaming as a guide for dieting. I am in almost exactly the same boat you are, save that (a) I don’t WoW much these days, as my obsessive nature make me play the games endlessly, to the detriment of work and family and the books I’m trying to write, and (b) you’re actually doing something. If you form the online gamer geek health “guild” you spoke of, I totally want to be the secretary.

What has saved me so far has been a wife who is gluten intolerant, and we’re both big organic/local grower fans (which isn’t nearly as easy down here in SoCal–which is why we’re eventually trying to get to the PNW). And my exercise of choice is hiking.

Now that I’ve written about a blog of my own here, I just wanted to say howdy and that I’m a fan. Godspeed, ma’am.

Devin says:

Fear the Boot’s a great podcast with a good community. If you’re interested in tabletop RPGs (though they occasionally talk briefly about MMORPGs), it’s about the best podcast I’ve found on the topic. They don’t have the goofy stuff that a lot of other gaming podcasts put into theirs (constant bumper music, fake “ads”, and so on), they have a good sense of humor and generally level heads about balancing life with hobbies, and while they have a strict “no politics or religion” policy, two of the hosts (Dan and Chad) have identified themselves as Christians – Dan teaches Sunday School.

They do have, um, salty language, but they beep themselves to keep a clean rating.

Anyway, you can download them from iTunes, and there’s nearly 200 episodes at about an hour each, so you could be set for quite a while.

AstroNutrition says:

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[…] I’m Gollum with food, especially sweets, I’ve had to decide that I’m just not eating sugar. […]

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