Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 18, 2010}   Sweet Nothings

Just a quick note on this gorgeous Friday to say a few small little things:

  • To all of you have visited because of Kathie, welcome! And thank you for coming by! You made my entire day!
  • Also, the same Kathie told me yesterday than maybe I’m much more normal than I thought- i.e. that this gaming obsession and nerdiness isn’t nearly as rare as I would assume. Huzzah for that!
  • I’m sore everywhere from a fantastic workout yesterday. I love that feeling. Hiking tonight, anyone want to come?!
  • This morning, I was walking out the door with a weird taste in my mouth. I had literally just eaten something and couldn’t remember doing it or what it was. Do you see what I’m saying about being Gollum? It’s amazing that I’ve never broken the 200lb mark (but oh how close I’ve come). I think I determined that it was brown sugar from when I was throwing together oatmeal this morning. Here’s hoping.
  • I’ve officially become a person who buys produce. Enough of it that I purchased this week’s share at Costco yesterday. If DH eats all of my cherries, he’s going down. I’m just sayin’.
  • Andy loaned me Final Fantasy 13 last week. OMG SO EXCITED. But, at the same time, a WoW couple we hung out with at the wedding (she was one of the other bridesmaids and bffs of the bride) just rolled on our server. Oh, I’m so torn. AND it’s sunny outside! Day Star? WoW? FF13? Choices, choices.

More to come later in the form of actual posts.



Devin says:

Hopefully it wasn’t a raw fish.

Jenn says:

Haha seriously. Luckily we don’t have any of that in the house. I’m fairly settled on brown sugar. Which, imo, is still a super disgusting thing to be eating straight up.

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