Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 22, 2010}   We Can Haz Guild?

<Gamer Guild Gets Thin> is recruiting all levels and classes. We are a fun leveling guild with a sweet website. We’re in the process of developing guild runs and events. Click here for invite.

Happy Tuesday all! I hope it’s as gorgeous wherever you are as it is here. I desperately want to be outside testing out my skills in the Hiking Up a Mountain instance (it’s sketchy, the one I want to do is probably lvl 48+ and I’m hovering right around 46-47.) but instead am at work and engaging in lunch time blogging. After work though!

As you can see, we’ve created a guild! I’m pretty excited about it, I’m not gonna lie. From the comments here and in emails, I think we have enough people to sign the charter and join up so, here we go! You can find the community over at And, just for all of our reference, I’ve posted a link on the sidebar.

We’re still developing what this is going to be and look like so, we’d love your input! If there are discussions you’d like to see, let us know or start a thread!

Huge shout-out to Andy for both creating and moderating the forums for us, he’s a web genius and one of my favorite nerds!

Go check them out and let us know what you think! Join us on this, journey, friends! We would love to have you in our guild.


Devin says:

That’s very cool! Almost makes me want to resume my WoW subscription just so I can join. Almost. ;)

Jenn says:

Oh! Sorry I wasn’t clear- guild= forums! Follow the links and you can hit our forums. Internet guild sans a WoW scrip! Huzzah!

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