Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 23, 2010}   Vending Without Machines

I’m leveling my priest’s mining and, because I’ve gotten a huge majority of my levels in instances, my mining is way behind where I am. AKA I’m having to go back to lower leveled zones to level it up. Bo-ring.

There I am, running around and killing noobs as I go when I realize I’m out of mana, out of water and don’t know where the vendors are here. So I set my mini-map to find food and drink and go to the closest dot. But oh noes! All this vendor sells is stupid level 20 crap! 600 mana isn’t even going to put a dent in my 4k! Then I feel like an idiot for a)being surprised by this occurrence and b) ending up in this situation at all and c) spending way too much time drinking crappy water to fill up before I keep going.

Real life? Where are you getting your food? Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. are not good vendors, my friends. They are the vendors of fat, unhealthy and low return food. They are eating level 1 food when you’re level 40. Doesn’t nearly make a big enough dent in your hp to even matter AND is a huge waste of time, copper and your sweet skills of eating.

Finding the right vendors has been a huge part of this process for me. I can’t eat the right foods if I don’t know where to go. And, even more importantly, I really need to plan what I’m eating and be prepared. When we were traveling, I hit this reality the hard way. Using my mini-map (aka gps on my cell phone) is going to automatically land me at the fast food joints and a greasy spoon. I would have been much better served to travel with my bags packed and food prepared for the on the road days. It certainly would have held back at least a portion of the pound I gained while we were gone.

One of my fave parts of summer is Farmer’s Markets. If you were ever interested in changing your eating patterns, summer is the time! You don’t have to hunt or gather for your food, all you have to do is have a Saturday morning walk through your Farmer’s Market and buy what you like! So easy!

Andy is opening up a new thread on the forums for vendors. If you’ve got a fave place you buy your food, something you’d like to recommend, a question about what to buy/where to get it, this is the thread! I’ll be posting a few of my favorites as we trek along here, my food obsessions waffle and vary so it’ll change fairly often. Head on over, kiddies, we’d love your input!


Christina says:

I’m with you on the planning and the eats :) I find that the days that I don’t plan ahead what I’m going to make for dinner are the days that I make horrible food choices. As far as better fast food choices, I like Jack in the Box’s Fajita Pitas. I don’t know where you are or if you have a Jack in the Box near you, but they’re pretty good and not bad calorie and fat wise.

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