Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 24, 2010}   Shout Outs

Woo, Thursday! Today will probably be a double posting day, we’ll see how it goes. But, I just had to put up a quick post about some great forums we’ve been linked to and other blogs I think you guys might enjoy!

Amber was our first person to join the guild over at the forums! Yay Amber! You should totally follow suit and meet up with us over there, it’s going to be awesome. She was also kind enough to  link us on her livejournal which led to someone linking us over at this great Gamer: The Gathering group for gamers who want to lose weight. Check it out!

Andy is headed to PAX this year and in his research found this great forum over at Penny Arcade. More gamers who want to get thin!

So we’re not alone in this endeavor! If you guys have a minute, follow the links and say hello to those like us- it’s nice to have some friends! :)

If we’re really nice, maybe they’ll raid with us.

P.S. Being a super girly girl (as well as a gaming girl, what a dichotomy) I have this secret love for the Legally Blonde movies. I really want to say “snaps for all of these other getting thin gamers!” Would you hate me? I hope not. Snaps for them!


Andy says:

*rolls eyes and Legally Blonde reference*

Devin says:

Well, I’m not in a position to join the WoW guild, but I joined “Gamers: The Gathering” under the name “mysterycycle”. Thanks for the tip!

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