Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{June 28, 2010}   Add-ons Part 2

Like Andy, I’m a huge fan of add-ons in WoW. With the recent upgrades that negate the need for Quest Helper, my current fave is DBM. When we’re raiding, I can get really caught up in the moment and making sure my rotation is working perfectly- to such an extent that I forget to pay attention to what else is going on. It’s super helpful to have that stupid guy yell in my ear (I play with headphones since DH and I normally raid together and hearing both of our add-ons yelling at us in stereo makes me nutty) “Run away little girl! Run away!”  In that moment, I almost always would just stand in the fire, like a total n00b, if it weren’t for him.

The same theory applies to my life and fitness too, as you all know! I wanted to just share really quickly what I use to keep on track and how those things help me.

For workouts: A notebook. This discipline has been really hard for me to get into the habit of doing but, it’s really good for me to write down my workout every day. Being able to go back and see how I’ve gotten stronger is a huge encouragement and, on days when I’m tired, seeing what I did last week almost always helps me push to do just a little bit more than I did before. Regardless of how I feel.

For food: Anyone who has done anything to change their life and diet will tell you that writing it down, keeping track of what you take in versus what you burn is absolutely vital. That said, I use The Daily Plate over at I’ve used a few different options like this over the last couple of years and this one seems to be the best. If there is a “Verified” option for a food, I always try to pick that. Like Andy’s app on his phone, you can friend me if you’d like! My profile is Kidfaith. I ignore people I don’t know so, if you want to add me, please send me a message letting me know you’re from Gamer Girl Gets Thin! Also, for Android users (I don’t know about iPhone) there is an app. It’s a little wonky but they seem to be getting the kinks worked out and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Really, the thing with these two disciplines is that I lie to myself all the time. “I really didn’t eat that much today!” Then I sit down, write it out and see that I ate more food than three people should eat in any given day. Works for workouts as well ‘OMG I’m so tired. I’ll just lift this 3lb dumbbell for a few reps.’ Um, self? In your ultimate laziness, you carry 40lbs of groceries up three flights of stairs just so you won’t have to go down them again for a second trip. If you can do that for food, you can totally up that weight. Kthxbye.

If I write my stuffs down, I have a better perspective of how I’m doing, I get the joy of checking things off a list and seeing my progress AND I can push myself further and harder because I actually know where I am.

In other news, today is supposed to hit close to 100! I’m hoping to get outside and get some sun in my life after work. Coming soon: Lobster Jenn!


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