Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{July 1, 2010}   My Month!

(Sorry for no posts yesterday! It was a seriously bizarre and full day…)

July 1! It’s officially my birthday month! Well, mine and my sister’s and my friend, Josh’s and France and America and Arianne and lots of other people…. BUT, it’s my month! I love July! So birthday is in a couple of weeks and, like any good 27 going on 12 year old, I’ve asked for a bike. I’m pretty stoked on it and looking forward to using it to get around town this summer.

I’ve been thinking about using birthday month as a chance to ‘give myself’ something. And here’s what I’ve decided. For my birthday month, I’d like to give myself  a loss. In the form of 1 pound a week. My average has been losing 2ish pounds a month and that’s just going to stretch this losing thing out way too long. And, as I posted a couple of days ago, it’s making me feel discouraged. So, as a little bit of incentive, I’m making a weigh in thread over on the forums. Once a week, I’ll weigh and when i do my measurements (typically once or twice a month) I’ll post those too. If you’d like to track your progress in such a public setting with me (Andy’s going to!) I would absolutely love to have you join the thread! Post in yours and let’s do this together! I really don’t want to spend another weekend in the fetal position singing “All By Myself” so come on friends!

In other news, my Oscar the Grouch to Big Bird plan totally worked! I ground out my strength training Tuesday night then followed it by joining up the Dance Class instance. SO FUN. I’m realizing I’m struggling with being really good about my cardio recently so, instead of just grinding out levels there, I think I’m going to join more instances- hiking, classes, etc. I’m pretty stoked on it.

Also, I feel like I might need to find pictures of the dance class from Tuesday night. It was ridiculous and I think you all might need to see just how awkward I am. Big Bird does hip hop and, this week, some ridiculous disco pelvic thrusts. It had to be uglier than the WoW female orc dance.

xs and os!


Devin says:

Ha! Nice. I can totally imagine the exercise now, thinking of the female Orc pelvic thrust.

I’ll weigh myself tonight and make a post on the Weigh In thread. In addition to starting to work on losing weight, I need to start packing lunches instead of buying out. My wallet has been losing more weight than I have, and more quickly.

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