Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{July 2, 2010}   = Heaven

This is the XO reporting! Set condition One and report to battle stations! Jk, I’m just Andy.  Sorry, been re-watching BSG with the Mrs.  So how’s everyone’s week been? Mine has been uber crazy! I moved to a new server last weekend! Wait, no, I moved to a new apartment. Which is an even bigger pain in the butt and costs way more!! Which reminds me… I still need to transfer servers too.

So, moving it turns out, is a really good work out.  Not one I want to do on a regular basis but it burns a ton of calories. Of course, do anything moderately active for 7 hours and you’re going to burn a crap load of calories.  I have never been so sore either. Everything hurt. We moved from a second floor apartment to a second floor apartment. I had some help but it still took 7 hours long hours.  i looked like I had jumped in the pool. Which, our new place has one so, yay us! But what did I do after this grueling ordeal? That’s right! I signed up to represent my company at a golf event! The representing part wasn’t hard at all, I didn’t really do anything. The golfing 18 holes while I was still Sore As Hell was not a super bright idea. I was worse than awful. I needed to improve so I could say I sucked. But even though I sucked it up, I still had a great time. I went to have fun and that’s just what I did. And there was free beer. Free golf + free lunch + free beer = Heaven. And I put in golfing for 5 hours in my app and chose the With Electric Cart option and did the happy dance as it told me I had burned 1705 calories ridding around in a buggy and hitting a ball with a stick for an afternoon.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Golf Is A Great Way To Exercise.  No, really, I’ll say it again before the end of the summer. There’s another event in September.

So even with all that my weight is about the same as it was before the move. Which is the dark side of moving. The eating of anti-healthy cheap restaurant foods because all our food and/or dishes/pots and pans are packed up and hard to get to.  So yeah, that was the down side of my week. But things are getting back to normal and the downward progress can begin again!

And on that note don’t forget to go over to the forums and join Jenn and I in being accountable with our weight and exercise and what not. Cause everyone needs some what not! And have a great 4th and a long weekend if you get one! See you next week!


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