Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{July 6, 2010}   There’s No Place Like

The most annoying raid I’ve ever been in was a horrible  afternoon pug. Some poor sap offered up his guild’s vent but didn’t have the admin info to change the password after he had given it out to 10 strangers. And, of course, he invited the worst troll on our server to join the raid. Poor sap.

As is to be expected, when you’ve got a notorious troll in your group (which, btw, is why you should never invite these idiots), the troll became more annoying than I knew one person could be. He played really terrible metal into his open mic during raid instructions, he only swore without using any other words to explain the long string of profanities pouring out of his mouth. And, thanks to the poor sap who shared the vent, we were unable to kick the guy out of the server once we had gotten fed up with his ridiculous. When we all muted him, he just changed his name and started all over again. Even after he had been removed from raid. It was awesome. Or wait… it made me hate that I had ever started playing in the first place. And left me furious that I was then locked to this annoying fail raid on the first day raids unlocked (we had downed the first boss) so I felt like I couldn’t just leave.

I frequently feel like fast food joints are the trolls of the food world. They’re always there, in front of your face, going on and on about how great they are. They’re on every street corner, in all of the commercials on the telly or radio, they’re cheap and the food is loaded with all kinds of bad but delicious things thereby making them the perfect storm of horrible for me meets something I love. And then, when I’ve finally built my resolve and understanding of why I shouldn’t eat that, they change the game on me and start claiming to have healthy things!

Have you guys seen this Taco Bell commercial?

Seriously, Taco Bell? Drive-thru Diet?

There is no way that is good for you. Yes, it may be less calories than the double crunch wrap or whatever you were getting there before. And don’t get me wrong, I love a grilled stuft burrito as much as the next girl. But omg, this is terrible. There are so many things in fast food that you don’t want to put into your body AND it’s still so many more calories than you would get eating at home! If you’re craving a burrito, make one! Or get one somewhere that is at least going to use all real food in it (meat filler is not real food, friends).

Yeah, making food at home takes longer than the drive thru. But not by much. And seriously, when it comes to knowing what’s in your food, there’s no place like (hahaha so nerdy!).

DH and I have decided, at least for now, to /ignore the food trolls. Maybe down the road, when I can manage my relationship with food in a less than Gollum like way, we’ll eat it once in a while. But I get too addicted too fast and my quick fix mentality wants to believe them that I can eat Taco Bell for three meals a day and get skinny.

All together now! /ignore fast food!


Andy says:

Hahaha! I like that the commercial actually says that this “is not a weight loss program. Pay attention to total calorie and fat intake and regular exercise.” ha! They should change that to “Do not try this at home. We are just f***ing with your head. Now give us your money.”

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