Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{July 26, 2010}   Return!

I’ve returned to the land of the living, yay! That cold last week was seriously one of the worst I’ve had in a while. If I were a video game character, I would have been covered in some green craze with those little puffs of skull cloud that follow you and going REALLY slow all the time with my hp at half and depleting at twice the normal rate. It was no good, friends. But! I survived and am living to game another day!

One of the things that last week made me realize is the great value of preparation. When we raid, it is absolutely required that everyone come to raid fully prepared- having purchased their flasks from the guild bank, ready with their armor repaired and whatever ammo or reagents they require, free of any disease or other curse and ready to go.

I felt like last week was one of those horrible slog raids. Like running Naxx- you know you’re going to be fine and you go into it with a bit of a cavalier attitude. But then, after the first hour of the run, you realize you would have been better off coming in as prepared as if it were something that mattered and it’s going to be a LONG haul until the end. Such is being sick. We didn’t have any meds, my fridge was mostly empty save bagels and tortilla chips and some weird brown rice noodles (I don’t recommend. Fyi. They are gross.). I managed to drop a pound and a half last week but it was not for healthy eating. It was for being too sick to eat much or to go to the store and purchase more food. By the time we got healthy, all I’ve craved is salad and veggies and fresh things.

Either way, we survived! And next time? I’ll be prepared. When I first feel the tickle, I’ll hit the store for meds and fill my fridge with things that are going to help me get better faster.

This week is back to routine. I’ve been missing my gym!

Happy Monday, all! I hope it’s a wonderful week for you.


Devin says:

Sometimes I think it would be better if we really did exude those green clouds with skulls floating in them when we’re sick. Not only would it warn others that we might be contagious, but somehow I think it would just be cathartic to look as awful as you feel!

Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

Jenn says:

Thanks, Devin. :)

Truthfully, I looked horrible last week too. The couple of days I did make it to work everyone kept saying “You look AWFUL! Why are you here?!” No green skulls but about as close as I could get IRL.

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