Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{July 28, 2010}   Nerding Out

When DH and I were raiding quite a bit with our guilds, we were totally those people who watch the Tankspot raid guides. You don’t want to go into ICC as that person who is like “whaaaa?? I didn’t know that I shouldn’t stand in the fire! It’s blue so I thought it was cool!”

Turns out, I’m applying this same mindset to the classes at my gym. I’ve mentioned that I’m Big Bird when it comes to classes. I’ve got this class I really love, Body Attack, that I go to once a week and think I’m going to up it to two weeks.

It leaves me feeling and looking like this:

So, yesterday, I spent the bulk of my free time at the gym and then watching videos from the class so I can be ready for Thursday’s attempt. I think I have issues. But, the only way to know what you’re supposed to be doing is to go in prepared! I wonder if watching videos of people getting skinny would be helpful…. I also wonder if those exist in a not sketchy format. Doubtful.

Unrelated, here’s my new bike! Yay bike!

Isn’t she beautiful? I’ve named her Audrey. And I love her. In fact, I’m going to take her for a ride tonight! Woo!

Happy middle day (I refuse to call it hump day), friends! xoxo


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