Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 2, 2010}   Extreme Napping

I’ve been playing a ton of Sims 3 this weekend. I love the variety of options in this version, especially the personality traits. I decided to make a new family and not use any cheat codes (rare!), just to see how hard it is to build the life you want. In the process, I gave my girl all these traits I don’t have- daredevil, athletic, charismatic (okay, I might have that one), great kisser (and a girl never tells about that one). The result is that my character is seriously like she’s on crack all the time. She just wants to work out and be excited and awesome. And every single thing you have her do, there is an option to do it “extreme.” So you can “Extreme Sleep” and “Extreme Shower Until Extremely Clean” and “Extreme Jogging” and “Extreme Practice Chess.” She is insane.

I sometimes wish that I was like this- that I loved doing everything to the max and didn’t have to just force myself to do some things, even though I might not feel like it. In reality, the forcing myself is developing self discipline which I understand to be a good trait in most grown ups. But the slog back into my food and exercise routine after a week of being sick has felt painful and slow at best. I wish I could Extreme Eat Healthy and Extreme Love the Gym. Unfortunately, my leaning is toward Extreme Eat Popcorn for Dinner, Extreme Watch The Most Roswell and Extreme Sleep. One area my Sim and I are alike!

Since I’m not a Sim (or if I were, my traits would be something like charismatic, loves her couch, great sleeper and likes video games), I can’t choose the extreme option in life. Instead it’s all about discipline. This week’s goal is Extreme Discipline. Or maybe just Moderate Discipline with no eating popcorn for dinner.


Andy says:

ha! well your sim sure sounds a lot like the Jenn i know! you can be pretty extreme my friend. you were just “Extreme Sick” were you not? ;)

Devin says:

Ever since I started playing Sims games, I’ve begun thinking of my needs and wants as a little bar that grows red until I do something about it. My Entertainment bar is pretty much always green…

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