Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 5, 2010}   Hulk Eat!!!

I love broccoli. It’s one of my favorite veggies- I like the taste, I like the dip-ability, I like the health benefits. But, most of all, I like that they look like little trees.

In my world, I am a giant, eating the trees of a smaller and more inferior planet. Their rivers and lakes are made of hummus, their roads are made of carrots and radishes are their colorful hills.

I know I should have grown out of this way of thinking by now. But sometimes, the enjoyment of destroying an imaginary tiny planet is really what I need to get through the day and continue enjoying my veggies.


Andy says:

hahah i’ve actually never thought of eating broccoli like this before you started saying stuff like this. i like it.

Devin says:

I feel the same.

Mmm, hummus.

Joanna Slusser says:

Oh my goodness! My daughter feels the same way. She chose a little head of broccoli as her special treat at the grocery store today, because she wanted to eat a little tree. And she did! The whole thing! She hasn’t discovered the joy of hummus yet, but I’m sure she will some day.

Slatsette says:

mmm nomnomnom. I love them sprinkled with garlic or lemon pepper… *licks lips*
Hummus is worlds easier to eat if you make it from scratch. It has the whole “I made it from scratch, now I will eat it no matter what and it tastes a million times better because I MADE it” thing going for it.

Jenn says:

Oh, I love you guys!

Joanna, it’s sooo awesome that your daughter got broccoli as her treat. Seriously fantastic! You should show her that picture. :)

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