Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 6, 2010}   Last night, I…

Went to one of my favorite places in our town! This was the first thing I fell in love with about our city when we moved here….

That’s right, folks. We don’t just have a Library. We have a Library! Here’s what my Library! card looks like..

(please disregard the nail polish that is mostly a remnant and desperately needs to be removed…)

Are you jealous? You should be. It has nothing to do with fitness or health at all. I just really love our Library!

xs and os on your Friday, have a great weekend!


Devin says:

Terribly jealous! Back when my wife and I lived in Minneapolis, we enjoyed many public libraries, especially the ones that featured graphic novels and manga as part of their collection. But now that we’re back in Southern California, most of the libraries are sad, wilted corpses. Even the best on in the area doesn’t measure up to the lower-end libraries in the Twin Cities. I miss that.

Joanna Slusser says:

Yes, I’m jealous. Your library totally rocks!

Jenn says:

I love the library too and I’m waaaaaay jealous of that Lichtenstein inspired card. :-)

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