Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 9, 2010}   A Grim Tale

Once upon a time, there was a girl- a girl who enjoyed many a nerdy endeavor and was attempting to work her way toward thin. This girl had been making great progress in her endeavors and was enjoying herself until, one fateful day, she got Extreme Sick. This Extreme Sick initially was greatly beneficial in her quest as she lost a pound and a half from her inability to eat and passion for sleeping during The Sick. Sadly, though, she had no energy to cook for herself healthy things or to continue with her exercise regimen.

On a fine summer day, the girl began to feel better. And with that, began to return to her gym and her beloved exercise routine. Unfortunately, though, it took a full week before she was able to push as hard as she had in the days prior to Extreme Sick. And, during The Sick, she had developed a renewed adoration for all things sodium laden. As a result of this, when she was able to eat again, the girl gained back the weight she had lost during her Extreme Sick.

Upon seeing this gain on the scale, the girl cried bitter tears, rending her clothes and gnashing her teeth in mourning. Then, once she had grieved the gain, she steeled herself with great resolve to being moving forward- not looking back at this lost pound but instead striving to lose it again and more from there.

Will she succeed?! Only time will tell….


Andy says:

Did you put ash in your hair after the rending? cause if you didn’t then you’re doing it wrong.

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