Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 13, 2010}   Awkward

Gym interactions can be seriously awkward. Just of their own accord. Then you throw social situation struggling Big Bird in and it all goes downhill from there.

Honestly, locker rooms really don’t bother me- which isn’t to say I love them, just to say that I’m pretty good at blocking out the fact that there are naked grandmas putting on bathing suits and that I’m standing pantsless next to a stranger. The down side of this is that I frequently find myself making pretty big locker room faux pas which I immediately regret and then am committed to.

This happened in full force this week. I was getting changed for my workout (I had come straight from work which meant changing there) when two ladies came in and sat down across from me while they got ready. They were some pretty gregarious women and therefore hard to ignore. So as I was getting changed and listening in on their conversation, I noticed that one of them was wearing those new shoes- Shape Ups. I have to be honest here, I don’t believe in these shoes; they seem sort of ridiculous to me and like their greatest benefit might just be that they get people to go out and walk. But, having never worn a pair, I wouldn’t really know.

Anyway, upon noticing these shoes and wondering about their effectiveness, I say to the lady “Oh are those Shape ups?! Do you like them?” at this exact moment, I realize that I’ve just finished the act of taking off my pants. In fact, I’m still taking my leg out of them. One leg in, one leg out, pantsless and striking up a conversation. So the next thing that  comes out of my mouth as I’m awkwardly holding my pants? “Sorry that I’m talking to you without any pants on. I could have chosen a better moment to ask about your shoes. But do you like them?”

Luckily, they were ladies in a gym locker room- aka just as comfortable with the situation as anyone can really be and they just laughed and said they didn’t mind at all then proceeded to tell me about the shoes while I put on my pants.

Locker Room Awkward: 1 Big Bird: 0


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