Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 18, 2010}   Gym Trolls

Do you ever feel like the people who work at the gym are also the trolls of the gym? I’m really starting to feel this way with trainers at my gym.

I’ve got one that I work with to do my measurements. But, beyond that, I try to avoid it all. The thing is, I seem to be wearing a “Please come try to sell me something with your charming smile and muscle shirt” sign on my forehead. At lease once a month, I get approached by some gym guy and it goes like this:

“Hey my name is Dirk, how are you?”

“Uh, fine….” (typically through pants because they love to talk to me while I’m on the Elliptical or Stepmill) I always keep at least one earbud in here in hopes that Dirk will realize I would rather workout than talk to him. That’s what I pay my membership fees for- working out. I digress…

“So, have you ever thought about working with a trainer?”

“You know, Dirk, I already am actually. Thanks though!”

“Oh!” (He always looks surprised and a little judgmental here.) “Well, are you seeing the results you want to?”

“You know, I am! I’ve lost almost 20lbs and over 13 inches since February. Bye!”

Then, as I put in my headphones and go back to whatever I was watching or listening to, I can still hear him in the background “If you ever need anything…”

Dear WoW Trolls, I don’t want to buy gold for actual dollars. Dear Gym Trolls, I don’t want you pushing your services on me and if I were going to hire a trainer it certainly wouldn’t be pumped up dirk and his rippling biceps.


Andy says:

I think they keep coming back to you because you are too nice to them.

I think this is the number one thing that keeps me from wanting to go to a gym.

Well, aside from the money. Okay, number two.

Sadly, I’m just not losing any weight simply by changing my eating habits. So I’m going to have to join a gym before long.

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