Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 20, 2010}   Boo Pie

Welcome to Friday everyone!

This week has been seriously eventful and is about to be followed by a birthday party for a friend this evening- aka more eventful. Or, at least, eventful to people like me who do very little with themselves outside of work.

Anyway, onward with why we’re all here. Part of this eventful week led to me working out at a different gym than my regular one on Wednesday evening directly followed by a party with some friends and then the worst food choices I’ve made in a while.

Because I’m Gollum with food, especially sweets, I’ve had to decide that I’m just not eating sugar. Special occasions? Maybe. If I have a plan. And have talked with the people I’m accountable to about it. Yes, I have a support group for my sugar addiction. It’s necessary.

Wednesday night I went from work to gym to party to a friend’s house and got home at 9:45 having eaten veggies and crackers for dinner, like a genius. One of the key things in a healthy diet is setting yourself up for success- making sure that I eat regularly and well so that I’m not starved, tired and cranky (DH calls this “broken”) when I’m trying to figure out what to eat. On Wednesday, I failed in this endeavor. Failed hardcore. So hard, in fact, that I ate one of these:

A Banana Moon Pie. Gross.

Let’s review:

220 calories.

A list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce or make/have no idea what they are.

Tastes mediocre at best.

Not filling.

Brilliant food choice.

But, like we’ve said before (and I’ve been told by a woman much wiser than myself) guilt is a useless emotion. And really, I learned a lot about myself from this experience- it made me feel terrible. My body really does not like eating crap like that any more. I had a headache, stomachache and generally felt lame as soon as I consumed the stupid thing. As soon as it was gone, I found myself thinking “Why did I eat that? I should have just had oatmeal!” So at least I’m coming around to a place of knowing better.

And knowing is half the battle… right?


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