Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 25, 2010}   With Thanks to Susan

I’ve been noticing all of these billboards all over my city recently- ads for weight loss support, weight loss surgery, weight loss counseling, etc. Every time I see one, I get a little more frustrated- not only with how slow it can feel to reach my goals but also that those things sort of look like cheats to me. Like if I had all of that at my fingertips, I would be super thin too!

The thing is, getting fit is something people do daily. A lot of the time, it seems like the people I know or hear about who have achieved significant weight loss (and maintained it) just woke up one morning and decided “I’m not going to be fat any more. Today is the day.” And then they changed their patterns, started exercising and eating healthy and they did it.

Sadly, that’s totally not me. The process has been slow and, in a lot of ways, I’ve had to trick myself into this.  I don’t have the discipline or motivation on my own to reach my goals. So what do I have? I have an amazing support system and a huge hate for failing. My answer to this problem was and is to tell absolutely everyone I know that I’m trying to lose weight and get healthy. Really, that’s what prompted me to first begin blogging. If all of my friends, family and co-workers are watching my progress, I’m motivated. Add the potential of the whole internet? I’m SUPER motivated. I’ve never been so motivated. And you know what? It’s totally working.

I had this really sweet moment yesterday where I was chatting with a friend (Hi Susan!) about what I’ll wear during some large meetings we have in the next month at work. I mentioned these slacks I really want to wear but they are just a little too tight- they’re wearable for sure but not super comfortable. I’m still looking at this like it’s old me- the me that might make progress but is more likely to skip gym and eat popcorn instead. My friend though, she only knows the me of recent months so she said “The great thing is that you’ve got three weeks so they’ll fit perfect by then.” She is absolutely confident in my abilities to reach my goals; she’s more confident than I am. (By the way, I love her for this.)

Encouragement is so important in reaching your goals, whatever they are. For me, it’s to reach a healthy weight by January 1. I want to start 2011 fit and working toward something new, instead of the same old resolutions. To get there, though, I have to find a system that works- for me, it’s making sure that everyone I know is included in my process; knowing that they are there to encourage me and that I would hate to disappoint them. Yes, there are a million other pieces parts that go into a process that works and is sustainable. But for me, telling everyone has been such a huge step.


Susan says:

I am thankful I can help you, Jenn! I didn’t know my compliment was so big! Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. I’ve never had my name dropped in a blog before. I feel like a celebrity! And yes, I do believe those pants will not only fit perfect, but maybe be a little loose! Keep up the hard work, you are an inspiration.

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