Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 30, 2010}   Weekend of Extremes

This weekend was totally extremes for me. On Friday I thought “I’m going to go straight from work to the gym and then make myself a healthy dinner!” Instead I went home and ate an entire bag of popcorn. It was delicious. I did make it to the gym- where I did on my toes push-ups on a bench! For even harder pushing up! It was awesome! Then I ate a burrito.

Saturday morning I woke up and thought “Ugh I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito! I know! I’ll go the gym!” So I went to my favorite class where I worked harder than ever and had to use my face towel to dry out my ponytail. It was awesome. Then, because I had worked so hard, I laid on my couch and did nothing for 6 hours.

I didn’t even pretend to be healthy yesterday- I ate pancakes for lunch and Panda Express for dinner. The thing is, I really don’t regret. I stayed within my calorie intake and watched my portions of both things. I don’t eat them regularly (that was the first time I’ve had Panda in well over two years)  and it was nice to just be.

I AM turning into my extremes Sim! Extreme gym! Extreme lazy! Extreme eat things!

Oooh in other news: It’s almost time for some extreme buying new pants! When I was getting ready for work this morning, I pulled my favorite slacks out of the dryer only to find that, even fresh washed, they are far too large. Like the only thing that held them up all day at work was that my undershirt was tucked into them. While it’s sad because I love these slacks and hate having to buy new ones, I can’t think of better Monday news!


Devin says:

Mmmm, Panda Express…

My weekend was extreme in that I went LARPing again. I’ve been frustrated by the fact that I haven’t lost any weight despite changing my eating habits, but now I’m more resolved to start exercising. It was still a great big drag when I got so physically exerted Saturday morning that I had to sit down and rest for an hour before I had the energy to even care about anything else that was going on. I decided that I’m going to start walking for an hour every day when I get home from work. Well, starting today, that is – I totally forgot yesterday.

Totally unrelated to that, I just found out today from Blizzard that my account (which I haven’t used for, like, at least half a year) was “permanently disabled” for gold farming. Wut?

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