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{September 1, 2010}   The Importance of Inflection

I hit up my dance class last night, like you do. And, of course, it was an evening set up for success. The class was packed, it was a night with a lot of choreography (I like to call choreography simply “moves I can’t do) and I was standing directly in the middle of the room.  Being in the middle means that I, and everyone in the class, can see me from every angle thanks to the mirrors on the walls. Also, it means that I’m standing in just the right spot so  that people from outside the class can see me, and my angles, through the glass door. YAY! Set up for success!

Anyway, so there I am, doing my best. Our wonderful instructor, Jennie, was super excited yesterday and kept encouraging us all that even if we thought we were dancing “big” she wanted us to dance “bigger.” I felt a lot like this:

But, you know, whatever. That’s pretty much how I always feel when I’m in the class. My expectation and reality of my movements never quite line up. But I plugged along anyway, happily dancing and doing my best to replicate what the moves Jennie was making look so effortless and beautiful.

What you need to know at this point: Thanks to my lovely friend and gym buddy, Rachel, I’ve actually started getting to know the instructors at the classes I frequent. She talks to them fairly often and has introduced me to them so now Jennie and I are on a first name basis. I can’t look at her with that terrified “DON’T CALL ON ME!” expression that you have in any class where you fear the teacher might single you out. Now Jennie and I are friends.  We talk. I like her, she pretends to like and not be embarrassed by me.

So halfway through the class, I was doing something that resembled this:

And Jennie says “Way to go, Jenn!”

In that moment, I was elated that she was excited about what I was doing. Then I thought ‘Wait. Did she mean I should go? Because really, I’m pretty sure I’m throwing off the groove of the whole class here. Yeah, I’ll go. She’s right.’ Luckily, she followed the way to go with a smile so I knew we were cool. And my dancing confidence grew just a little.

Big Bird, ho!

P.S. Those  comics are stolen from this hilarious post by Allie at Hyperbole and a Half. Really, that entire thing sums up a lot about me, especially my sweet dancing skills. Go read her whole blog. It’s hysterical.


Devin says:

Jennie was just happy to have convinced one person in that group to get crazy-go-nuts enthusiastic with the dancing, I’ll wager. As bad as it can be being center-stage when you pull out your “So You Think You Can Dance” first-episode-of-the-season-reject act, I imagine it feels similarly unpleasant to be the instructor up front, trying to convince at least one other person in the room to mirror an ounce of your enthusiasm so you don’t feel like a dork.

Of course, the instructors always have their toned, fit bodies to reassure them.

BTW, I loved the comics. She’s like a Homestar Runner person.

Kathie says:

Most. Excellent. Drawing. Sluss has WAY big dorko smile as a result :)

Amy says:

This post is awesome and hilarious!

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