Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{September 20, 2010}   Alive!

Check it out! I’m not dead! Did you miss me?!

Last week was one of my two busiest times of the year at work- lots of long days and running around and doing my very best to keep my stress minimal enough that I maintain control over my volume and sarcasm. For the most part, I did okay.

I feel like one of my fatal flaws when I’m stressed is that I forget to pay close attention to my tone and volume when I’m talking to people.

What I mean to say: “Could you have that to me by Tuesday, please?”

What I actually say: “I NEED THAT BY TUESDAY!”

It probably looked something like this comic from The Oatmeal

But you know, it all worked out and went just fine and everyone seems happy. My friends are still my friends, the folks I was working so hard for were complimentary and incredibly wonderful to be around.

I’ve never been so glad to see Saturday; which I happily spent in my pj’s gorging my brain on Veronica Mars. Oh how I love Netflix. It’s totally encouraging and feeding my adoration for crappy television.


Great topic for a blog. Guys need to get thin too (for me) Subscribed and will keep reading ^^.

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