Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{September 27, 2010}   Upgrades!

Last week, I made a huge leap in gear. I upgraded my shoes! I even went the great length of spending some time at the local running store getting my step and stance analyzed to get the best shoes. I think I made a good choice.

Of course, in typical form for me… I followed a good decision with a terrible one. The first time I wore said shoes, it was to my super hard cardio class that, as you may remember, leaves me looking and feeling like this:

While I thought ‘YES NEW SHOES!’ My feet thought ‘Are you broken in your brain space?’

It turns out that new shoes probably need to be broken in and worn a bit. I learned this the hard way. First, there was the numbness from having tied them too tight. Then there was some arch sadness from the amazing support that now needs to form to my feet a bit. But I re-tied, adjusted and powered through these things! THEN! Oh then… at the end of class, when we were supposed to be doing this:

My shoes gave up on me. And I got to do this:

That’s right! Instead of kicking, I found myself falling! Huzzah! As a near professional in the fine art of being clumsy, I jumped back up and got back into class almost immediately. Which, apparently, was greatly amazing to the girls who saw me fall.

As it stands, the score is:

New shoes- 1

Jenn- 0

Not to worry, though, class is coming around and I’ll totally win this time!!


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