Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{November 8, 2010}   Bag Lady

Last week, as I walked out of my office, I realized that I always have too much stuff with me. Way too much. On that particular day I had my lunch bag, my purse, my coffee, my water bottle, my scarf and a bag with jeans given to me by my seamstress. I’d love to pretend that this is new for me but it’s been a constant in my life.

As a little girl, I had this small suitcase that I carried everywhere. I loved it because I pretended it was a briefcase like my mom carried. (I was also the child who wore things to try to match her whenever I could. I loved trying to be grown up like my mom. I even once tried to wear a pair of her high heels down some stairs which, as you can imagine, ended badly for Little Girl Big Bird.) I carried this silly suitcase everywhere full of my treasures- a bunny, a blanket and who knows what else. I’m pretty sure I frequently had that in one hand and whatever couldn’t fit in it in my other hand. On days my dad let me dress myself, I would show up to my grandparent’s house with the suitcase, whatever other stuff and wearing most of my clothes. Skirt over jeans (I hated jeans as a little girl), bright colored t-shirt, bright socks, ribbons in my hair and, to make sure I had enough color, a bright scarf tied around my waist. My family frequently teased that I looked like a little bag lady.


Please note the boots… what are those? But I’m so happy and excited! Little Big Bird, her beloved Papa and the snowman she shortly killed with a snowmobile! This day is still one of my favorite memories.

Anyway, as I left work the other day, I realized not much has changed. I still have the most stuff with me- whether it’s leaving work or on my way to the gym. Water bottle, phone, keys, towel, iPod, headphones, sweater. Always too much stuff and bag lady Jenn.



jc says:

Perhaps a coat from would help you to at least minimize the look of being a bag lady.

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