Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{November 17, 2010}   Two nights ago

I woke up to DH staring at me. Not touching me, not doing anything, just staring at me. I had hit him so I apologized then fell back asleep. I woke back up to the creepy feeling of him staring at me again. Uncomfortable with that, I asked “Are you just staring at me?” He asked if my arm was going to fall asleep above my head like that. I rolled over so as to not see his creepy staring eyes and went back to sleep.

What really happened: All of this occurred in a 3 second span. I did not, in fact, fall back asleep between events so much as just closed my eyes. He was just watching because I had been spinning in my sleep. Smiling and spinning to be exact. Just rolling over and over, happiest look on my face, arms and legs flailing everywhere. He thought I might be having a dream that I was dancing so he wanted to see how long I would dance in bed like that.


Andy says:

that’s super funny!

lol! Love it! That made my day – I would love to wake my dh up with a dancing spree. :)

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