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{November 3, 2010}   The Cheezit Discipline

Alternate title: I suck at moderation but I’m trying!

When I was in college, I had this roommate (who is still one of my bffs. Hi Amy! Don’t stab me!) who loved her some Cheezits. Now, as a quick point of clarification, there are a million other things that are much more notable about Amy than the Cheezit thing. It’s just the point of this post. I digress.

I used to tease her relentlessly about her love for Cheezits. She’s the most disciplined and self-controlled person I know and would apply this trait to everything- even her Cheezit love. When she got a new box of Cheezits, she would ration them out- one serving at a time- so the enjoyment could last as long as possible.

I have never been this person. I’ve always been the kid who eats all of their Halloween candy in one sitting until they are sick. When Valentine’s day rolls around, I can go through a 1lb bag of candy hearts (which are totally my Cheezits) in a 24 hour period. It’s really gross.

I was recently talking with a friend about the struggle of sugar and I told her about what we now just refer to as “The Cheezit Discipline.” Portion the things you love out into reasonable sizes and make them last over time.

As we quickly approach the holidays a.k.a. the best food time of the year, I’m trying to learn to apply The Cheezit Discipline to my life. Today, I’m trying to apply it to baked oatmeal. I made this gorgeous baked oatmeal on Sunday- it’s full of oats, milk, eggs and, gulp, brown sugar. Really though, in moderation, it’s totally a reasonable thing to eat. What do I want to do? I want to sit down with the casserole dish and eat the entire thing in one sitting. I keep telling myself to eat it like it’s Cheezits. One serving a day.

Moderation. Moderation. Moderation.

Just because she’s great, here’s a picture of Amy and I circa 2007ish:


{August 20, 2010}   Boo Pie

Welcome to Friday everyone!

This week has been seriously eventful and is about to be followed by a birthday party for a friend this evening- aka more eventful. Or, at least, eventful to people like me who do very little with themselves outside of work.

Anyway, onward with why we’re all here. Part of this eventful week led to me working out at a different gym than my regular one on Wednesday evening directly followed by a party with some friends and then the worst food choices I’ve made in a while.

Because I’m Gollum with food, especially sweets, I’ve had to decide that I’m just not eating sugar. Special occasions? Maybe. If I have a plan. And have talked with the people I’m accountable to about it. Yes, I have a support group for my sugar addiction. It’s necessary.

Wednesday night I went from work to gym to party to a friend’s house and got home at 9:45 having eaten veggies and crackers for dinner, like a genius. One of the key things in a healthy diet is setting yourself up for success- making sure that I eat regularly and well so that I’m not starved, tired and cranky (DH calls this “broken”) when I’m trying to figure out what to eat. On Wednesday, I failed in this endeavor. Failed hardcore. So hard, in fact, that I ate one of these:

A Banana Moon Pie. Gross.

Let’s review:

220 calories.

A list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce or make/have no idea what they are.

Tastes mediocre at best.

Not filling.

Brilliant food choice.

But, like we’ve said before (and I’ve been told by a woman much wiser than myself) guilt is a useless emotion. And really, I learned a lot about myself from this experience- it made me feel terrible. My body really does not like eating crap like that any more. I had a headache, stomachache and generally felt lame as soon as I consumed the stupid thing. As soon as it was gone, I found myself thinking “Why did I eat that? I should have just had oatmeal!” So at least I’m coming around to a place of knowing better.

And knowing is half the battle… right?

{August 16, 2010}   Things I Love

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the food I keep in my bags so I thought we were due.

I’ve realized in the last month that I’m perfectly content to eat the same things over and over again. While I really like almost any food, repetition is perfectly fine by me. Especially if it means I don’t have to be trying to create things all the time.

Right now, here’s how my day looks:

Breakfast= Kefir before work. This is my breakfast of choice for a few reasons- it’s quick and easy, it’s got a ton of protein and, most of all, my doc has asked me to be sure I’m drinking/getting probiotics somewhere in my day. So kefir it is.   If I get hungry again, it’s fruit or oatmeal time.

Lunch= I’m totally addicted to cottage cheese right now. Nancy’s happens to be my fave brand for that too (I also love the Nancy’s kefir, as evidenced by the link above). I typically pair that with a piece of toast and some veggies, tomatoes and berries. Yes, I get teased for my lunches and no, I don’t mind. It’s delish.

Dinner= this is where I have variance and really, it’s not that much. The basic rules stay the same; I want whatever I eat to be 2/3 vegetables, I want to make sure I get some protein in and I try to combine that with some sort of whole grain in there for my starch (whole grain pasta, Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas, another piece of toast, etc.).

One of the big things I’ve really been struggling with in terms of food is being sure I get enough protein in. I can pretty easily go the route of vegetarianism. I’m not a huge fan of meat and, more than that, I HATE touching raw meat. Not because I’m worried about cooking it. Touching raw meat is gross and slimy and gross again. Anyway, protein is an issue for me. I was completely flat lined in terms of weight loss for quite a while but, when I changed my diet around to include more protein (hence the obsession with cottage cheese) everything changed and I’m back to dropping a pound a week! Yay protein!

The most annoying raid I’ve ever been in was a horrible  afternoon pug. Some poor sap offered up his guild’s vent but didn’t have the admin info to change the password after he had given it out to 10 strangers. And, of course, he invited the worst troll on our server to join the raid. Poor sap.

As is to be expected, when you’ve got a notorious troll in your group (which, btw, is why you should never invite these idiots), the troll became more annoying than I knew one person could be. He played really terrible metal into his open mic during raid instructions, he only swore without using any other words to explain the long string of profanities pouring out of his mouth. And, thanks to the poor sap who shared the vent, we were unable to kick the guy out of the server once we had gotten fed up with his ridiculous. When we all muted him, he just changed his name and started all over again. Even after he had been removed from raid. It was awesome. Or wait… it made me hate that I had ever started playing in the first place. And left me furious that I was then locked to this annoying fail raid on the first day raids unlocked (we had downed the first boss) so I felt like I couldn’t just leave.

I frequently feel like fast food joints are the trolls of the food world. They’re always there, in front of your face, going on and on about how great they are. They’re on every street corner, in all of the commercials on the telly or radio, they’re cheap and the food is loaded with all kinds of bad but delicious things thereby making them the perfect storm of horrible for me meets something I love. And then, when I’ve finally built my resolve and understanding of why I shouldn’t eat that, they change the game on me and start claiming to have healthy things!

Have you guys seen this Taco Bell commercial?

Seriously, Taco Bell? Drive-thru Diet?

There is no way that is good for you. Yes, it may be less calories than the double crunch wrap or whatever you were getting there before. And don’t get me wrong, I love a grilled stuft burrito as much as the next girl. But omg, this is terrible. There are so many things in fast food that you don’t want to put into your body AND it’s still so many more calories than you would get eating at home! If you’re craving a burrito, make one! Or get one somewhere that is at least going to use all real food in it (meat filler is not real food, friends).

Yeah, making food at home takes longer than the drive thru. But not by much. And seriously, when it comes to knowing what’s in your food, there’s no place like (hahaha so nerdy!).

DH and I have decided, at least for now, to /ignore the food trolls. Maybe down the road, when I can manage my relationship with food in a less than Gollum like way, we’ll eat it once in a while. But I get too addicted too fast and my quick fix mentality wants to believe them that I can eat Taco Bell for three meals a day and get skinny.

All together now! /ignore fast food!

{June 28, 2010}   Add-ons Part 2

Like Andy, I’m a huge fan of add-ons in WoW. With the recent upgrades that negate the need for Quest Helper, my current fave is DBM. When we’re raiding, I can get really caught up in the moment and making sure my rotation is working perfectly- to such an extent that I forget to pay attention to what else is going on. It’s super helpful to have that stupid guy yell in my ear (I play with headphones since DH and I normally raid together and hearing both of our add-ons yelling at us in stereo makes me nutty) “Run away little girl! Run away!”  In that moment, I almost always would just stand in the fire, like a total n00b, if it weren’t for him.

The same theory applies to my life and fitness too, as you all know! I wanted to just share really quickly what I use to keep on track and how those things help me.

For workouts: A notebook. This discipline has been really hard for me to get into the habit of doing but, it’s really good for me to write down my workout every day. Being able to go back and see how I’ve gotten stronger is a huge encouragement and, on days when I’m tired, seeing what I did last week almost always helps me push to do just a little bit more than I did before. Regardless of how I feel.

For food: Anyone who has done anything to change their life and diet will tell you that writing it down, keeping track of what you take in versus what you burn is absolutely vital. That said, I use The Daily Plate over at I’ve used a few different options like this over the last couple of years and this one seems to be the best. If there is a “Verified” option for a food, I always try to pick that. Like Andy’s app on his phone, you can friend me if you’d like! My profile is Kidfaith. I ignore people I don’t know so, if you want to add me, please send me a message letting me know you’re from Gamer Girl Gets Thin! Also, for Android users (I don’t know about iPhone) there is an app. It’s a little wonky but they seem to be getting the kinks worked out and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Really, the thing with these two disciplines is that I lie to myself all the time. “I really didn’t eat that much today!” Then I sit down, write it out and see that I ate more food than three people should eat in any given day. Works for workouts as well ‘OMG I’m so tired. I’ll just lift this 3lb dumbbell for a few reps.’ Um, self? In your ultimate laziness, you carry 40lbs of groceries up three flights of stairs just so you won’t have to go down them again for a second trip. If you can do that for food, you can totally up that weight. Kthxbye.

If I write my stuffs down, I have a better perspective of how I’m doing, I get the joy of checking things off a list and seeing my progress AND I can push myself further and harder because I actually know where I am.

In other news, today is supposed to hit close to 100! I’m hoping to get outside and get some sun in my life after work. Coming soon: Lobster Jenn!

{June 25, 2010}   Addons

Happy Friday one and all! Today we’ll be talking about addons, meetings, and zombie killing.

I love me some addons! Quest Helper or one of the many all-in-one inventory addons, there are so many too choose from. Some think it’s cheating, but I like to blur the line between cheating and playing it straight. (Almost) anything that helps me is my friend. Sure I could wander around forever trying to find where that dang *insert random plant name here* grows or I could just follow that big yellow arrow right to the sweet spot. The same goes for eating right, I’ll take any help I can get.

I love the apps on my phone for the same reason, they let me track calories, chat with friends, play Final Fantasy II during meetings, and so on and so forth. I use an app called Lose It! for keeping track of what food I eat and my weight. I keep it right next to my Armory app for World of Warcraft.  I tell it all my info and it tells me how much I’m allowed to eat every day. The hard part is getting myself to actually enter in my food and not be lazy. It is difficult at first figuring out how many servings of honey nut cheerios I just ate, but if I want to be serious about losing weight then I really need to start thinking about what I’m eating. I’ve actually started measuring out more and more things while I’m getting them ready instead of mindlessly going cereal>milk>spoon>eat like a zombie. We need to head shot that zombie and start using our brains when we eat.

If you have the iPhone and that app go ahead and add me as a friend if you want, I could always use the extra accountability, just email us at and let me know! I have been told by the people who made that app that they will be releasing it for other smart phones also. That way Jenn can be my friend too! Or if you already have an app you use and like then stick with it, I’m not cool enough to start over on a new app for.

And with that I’m going to go figure out what kind of mess I’ve gotten myself into at work. I need to stop signing up for golf events that I can’t afford to go to! ha! Maybe some day!

{June 23, 2010}   Vending Without Machines

I’m leveling my priest’s mining and, because I’ve gotten a huge majority of my levels in instances, my mining is way behind where I am. AKA I’m having to go back to lower leveled zones to level it up. Bo-ring.

There I am, running around and killing noobs as I go when I realize I’m out of mana, out of water and don’t know where the vendors are here. So I set my mini-map to find food and drink and go to the closest dot. But oh noes! All this vendor sells is stupid level 20 crap! 600 mana isn’t even going to put a dent in my 4k! Then I feel like an idiot for a)being surprised by this occurrence and b) ending up in this situation at all and c) spending way too much time drinking crappy water to fill up before I keep going.

Real life? Where are you getting your food? Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. are not good vendors, my friends. They are the vendors of fat, unhealthy and low return food. They are eating level 1 food when you’re level 40. Doesn’t nearly make a big enough dent in your hp to even matter AND is a huge waste of time, copper and your sweet skills of eating.

Finding the right vendors has been a huge part of this process for me. I can’t eat the right foods if I don’t know where to go. And, even more importantly, I really need to plan what I’m eating and be prepared. When we were traveling, I hit this reality the hard way. Using my mini-map (aka gps on my cell phone) is going to automatically land me at the fast food joints and a greasy spoon. I would have been much better served to travel with my bags packed and food prepared for the on the road days. It certainly would have held back at least a portion of the pound I gained while we were gone.

One of my fave parts of summer is Farmer’s Markets. If you were ever interested in changing your eating patterns, summer is the time! You don’t have to hunt or gather for your food, all you have to do is have a Saturday morning walk through your Farmer’s Market and buy what you like! So easy!

Andy is opening up a new thread on the forums for vendors. If you’ve got a fave place you buy your food, something you’d like to recommend, a question about what to buy/where to get it, this is the thread! I’ll be posting a few of my favorites as we trek along here, my food obsessions waffle and vary so it’ll change fairly often. Head on over, kiddies, we’d love your input!

{June 21, 2010}   Longest Day!

You guys, I seriously LOVE Summer Solstice.  When we lived in So Cal, one of the adorable hippie towns north of us on the coast had a huge party with a parade every year and one of my biggest regrets is that I never went. The thing is, when Solstice rolls around, I don’t want to be watching some weird parade. I want to be moving, making the most of every sun filled minute. Oh how I love the sun.

All of this is to say, please forgive me if this post is scatter-brained today. It’s just that it’s sunny outside! And it’s the longest day! The most sun I’ll see all year!

Anyway…. moving on to other things…

I got some great rest this weekend (and I’m not going to lie, I played WoW and FFXIII way more than I should have) and with it, some better outlook on my fitness future. And here’s where I’m at, guys. I definitely gained during travels. I’m not sure how much because my weight fluxuates a ton daily based on tired, water retention and any other factors that one could think of. But, from the looks of it, I’m at least up a pound. BOO.

But like we’ve said, guilt is a useless emotion so it’s all about moving forward. One of the big problems I have is sugar. I LOVE sugar. In all it’s forms. We’ve discussed this. I am Gollum. Food is the Precious. I was giving it some thought this morning while I was doing my hair and I decided that I need to find a different way to approach sweets. I do best with proactive things that I can quantify. Not doing things cannot be counted. So I’m trying to come up with a solution. Maybe every time I want to go find a sweet in my office (which is way to easy) I’ll eat a piece of fruit instead? Or I could make a list of all the things I crave and don’t eat every day so I can hopefully watch my cravings drop and my self control grow?

One of the things I think I need to do is sort of make myself more visibly accountable to all of this. I haven’t figured out the mechanics of that yet (I really don’t want to food blog lol) but I know that if people know what I’m eating, I’m less likely to hide in my pantry and shovel down fistfuls of brown sugar and peanut butter. I don’t enjoy having to admit to these things.

So, while I ponder these things, Andy is working on setting up forums for us! Coming soon:  Gamer Guild Gets Thin! Wooo! I hope you all join up, we can do this together!!

LONGEST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{June 18, 2010}   So Say We All

Happy Friday, all! As promised, here is a for reals post with actual content- in the form of Andy’s Friday Guest post! Huzzah!

It’s Friday!!! It’s supposed to be sunny today! So excited about that! Srsly, it’s almost summer, can we get rid of the rain please? kthnx.

Okay, as I write, there is a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies out on the big table in customer service… those jerks. And this is after I weighed in a 1/2 pound heavier today than last week… those jerks! So I’m sticking with my  Earl Grey, hot and a banana. You know what? I’m ok with that. And after this week I’m glad it wasn’t more than a 1/2 lb. What with The Wedding and it’s free beer and fried chicken; and peanut butter filled Voodoo Donuts after going to The A-Team and eating all kinds of cheese covered calories with yet more beer with my dear friend Jenn here and our significant others. And yes, it’s true, we did in fact WATCH a workout after all of that. So a gain this week is not surprising. As Jenn also said, it’s ok to do that once in a long while as a special thing with old friends (what’s it been Jenn? 17ish years we’ve been friends?). But, if I keep eating that regularly it’s going to kill me. That’s the big reason I wanted to help Jenn with this blog and get my big butt in shape.
The good news is that since the start of this blog i have lost 3 pounds!!! 3 whole pounds!! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but for me that’s awesome! Slowly going down is better than slowly going dead. I’m not going to look like Han Solo in a man thong over night, it’s going to take time. And since right now I look more like Jabba the Hutt in a man thong, it’s going to take a really long time, but that’s the price I have to pay for 30 years of eating like Jabba the Hutt.
If you feel like a Hutt in any kind of thong then join me in my journey to go from Tons-of Fun to just Fun. We can do it! So Say We All.
And with that, have a great weekend my friends!!

{June 18, 2010}   Sweet Nothings

Just a quick note on this gorgeous Friday to say a few small little things:

  • To all of you have visited because of Kathie, welcome! And thank you for coming by! You made my entire day!
  • Also, the same Kathie told me yesterday than maybe I’m much more normal than I thought- i.e. that this gaming obsession and nerdiness isn’t nearly as rare as I would assume. Huzzah for that!
  • I’m sore everywhere from a fantastic workout yesterday. I love that feeling. Hiking tonight, anyone want to come?!
  • This morning, I was walking out the door with a weird taste in my mouth. I had literally just eaten something and couldn’t remember doing it or what it was. Do you see what I’m saying about being Gollum? It’s amazing that I’ve never broken the 200lb mark (but oh how close I’ve come). I think I determined that it was brown sugar from when I was throwing together oatmeal this morning. Here’s hoping.
  • I’ve officially become a person who buys produce. Enough of it that I purchased this week’s share at Costco yesterday. If DH eats all of my cherries, he’s going down. I’m just sayin’.
  • Andy loaned me Final Fantasy 13 last week. OMG SO EXCITED. But, at the same time, a WoW couple we hung out with at the wedding (she was one of the other bridesmaids and bffs of the bride) just rolled on our server. Oh, I’m so torn. AND it’s sunny outside! Day Star? WoW? FF13? Choices, choices.

More to come later in the form of actual posts.


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