Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{July 16, 2010}   Motivation

One of my fave things about getting the 10 levels (10, 20, 30, etc.) is that it’s so motivating to keep going. You get new skills and talents, your gear increases significantly and, starting 60 and up, you get new zones! It’s so great!

That’s a lot how I’m feeling about my fitness right now. Meeting my birthday goal was so motivating for me to keep going. Lavish compliments from my family didn’t hurt things either. :)

I think this is one of the reasons setting incremental goals to our larger one is so so vital. The task, as a whole, can be so daunting. I know that my poor priest is chilling at level 63 because it just feels so far to get her to 80 and the to get her well geared and ready to raid once I’ve gotten 80. The thought of losing 30 more pounds can be even more overwhelming. But, when I break it down into smaller pieces with goal dates, I feel so hopeful that I can make those goals! Level 80? Forever away. Level 60 in my fitness? I can totally do that! Only 10 pounds to go!


Happy Friday, everyone! DH and I are on our way to one of my bff’s weddings (Which is to say I have multiple bffs. Not that this is her 8th wedding or something. I digress.) and as a result, I’m going to m.i.a. from the blog until next Wednesday. Don’t cry! I’ll be back! In the meantime, here is Andy’s Friday guest post!!

Hello Friday and happy campers! Welcome to another Friday Fun Post where we talk about The Dreaded Day Star, camping, smiting and the Greatest Game Ever Played. No not the one with Shia LeBeouf…Praise The Beef! (That’s what his name means!)

Golf, however, is arguably the greatest game ever, outdoor game that is. I even enjoy playing the Tiger Woods games, but they pale in comparison to the real thing. Last weekend, I had my first golf game of the year. I would have liked to have gone earlier in the year, but several weeks of rain camping the golf course like a lvl 60 jackass on a killing spree in your starting zone kinda kills the mood to lvl up that new toon you’ve just started. But, finally, the lvl 80 sun came to smite said 60 jackass so I can get some time grinding on those links!

With that said, I suck at golf! There, I said it. Andy = Noob. I mean I’m not as bad as I was when I first picked up a 7 iron; but on the green in 2 and closing out the hole at 9 isn’t going to get me an invite to The Masters any time ever. But dang is it fun. I went with my father-in-law and I just had a great time. It got even better when I found out that I could count that as a workout on the app I use on my phone to track my food and workouts. I figured I couldn’t have burned that many calories, all I did was walk around hitting a ball with a stick. But it turns out that 75 minutes of hitting said ball and carrying said sticks I burned 772 of said calories…ok, ok I’ll stop. But that’s pretty cool! It didn’t feel like I was working out, but that is a decent workout! I think I’ll have to do that again and soon! I just need to find a nice big hat to keep the Day Star from turning on me and my soft fair Ginger skin.

So there is proof that going outside is good! If I can do it, then you can too! You don’t have to go golfing but I’m sure you can find something awesome that burns more calories than you think! Just be sure to wear a hat so calories are the only things that get burnt. And with that, have a great sunny weekend my friends!

{June 9, 2010}   Yes!

It’s like they know and love me.

{June 3, 2010}   Big Bird tries to dance

or: How I am far from light on my feet and graceful

or: The lesson to be learned from Andy

I absolutely loved Andy’s Spiderman story. When he first asked to tell it, we weren’t sure how it would fit in. Then I thought about all of my attempts at joining hip hop classes at my gym…. there couldn’t be anything physical that I’m worse at. Watching me in these classes is like watching a recipe for horrific, awkward but having fun failure. Take one part no skill at all, combine with two parts of not in nearly good enough shape. Add a group of strangers who know what they are doing and ta-dah! You can look at a class that I’m in and know exactly which of these things is not like the others. It’s me!

So today’s lesson? It’s all about knowing your level and skill. What can you do? What would you be a complete moron to try? While I’m definitely in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time, and constantly getting stronger, I would be a complete tool to think that I could do one of those extreme vacation adventure races or try to be on Man Tracker. He’d catch me. Quickly. I’m slow, noisy, easily lost and definitely not nimble. I’d totally be that person that he just laughs at and catches something like 4 minutes into the show. But maybe some day….

As a level 38 caster, you wouldn’t go around trying to solo level 35 elites. It’s a recipe for death! Same thing here except we don’t get to just run back to our bodies and pay for repair IRL. For me, one of the biggest parts of ongoing fitness has been learning to know what my body is saying to me; what it’s limitations are and just how far I can push it before it becomes doom and destruction and I’m broken, unable to hobble to repair and begging DH for ice cream. I feel like a lot of this is testing my limits and boundaries and trying to pay close attention to how my body responds. Every month, when I start a new rotation of work outs, my numbers look ridiculous because of this. It’s always a process of fine tuning where I’m at and moving forward from there.

Right now, I’m going to leave the 35 elite alone. I’ll get him later and laugh hysterically as I one-shot him and he crumples to the ground in a heap of dead elite glory. Until then, it’s all about grinding out exp in the place that’s the best for me to do it; and knowing my limitations as I go along.

{May 19, 2010}   The Basics: Leveling

You awaken in Elwynn Forest; you are a level 1 human. You are weak, fat, completely lacking any skills and have little to no gear. You have all the grace and agility of a dairy cow. Worst of all, you have no idea where to begin.

In this case in a video game, there is a quest giver standing directly in front of you and a tutorial telling you what to do.  Not so in real life, my friends. But you have options! Start somewhere- anywhere.  If you have a friend who walks at work, consider them your quest giver and join them. If you have a gym, try out some classes. Or, if you’re lucky enough to know what you like to do- do that! All of these things will give you experience which will eventually lead to you gaining levels. If you’re new to working out, try a few different things- this will help you determine which class fits you best (we’ll address classes later).

Grinding out levels sucks, let’s just admit that. It can be fun but typically only for a minute before it starts sucking again. This is relatively true in fitness as well. Every day that I’m at the gym, every minute that I’m putting into my workouts, I’m building experience to gain my next level. And just like in WoW, the further along I get, the longer it takes to hit my next goal.

When I started, my goals were simple- get to the gym today. Ding! Level 2. Get to the gym 3 times this week. Ding! Level 3. Up my weights from 3 to 5 pounds. Ding! Level 4. But, as I’ve progressed, those things aren’t nearly as impressive and reaching my next level is requiring a lot more work.

My whole perspective on gaming as it relates to my fitness goals started here, with leveling. When I started out, I was looking for a quick fix (like most chubbies are) and would get bummed when I didn’t see immediate results. But then, when I started thinking about each workout as it gave me experience and helped me gain levels, I learned to be more patient. When you start at level 1, 80 seems forever away but you have milestones (each level) along the way to help you know you are getting there. As a chubby, losing 30 pounds seems impossible but every workout, every meal, every pound is like gaining experience and levels- slowly but surely, I’ll get there and these are my milestones.

et cetera