Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{January 3, 2011}   moving over

hey friends on the internet!

a year into an active life and i’m having a really hard time relating it to nerdy things all the time. it’s taken on a genre of it’s own and i’m feeling out of stuff to say, i think.

that said, i think i’m going to transfer over to my tumblr account and quit blogging here.  i feel like have little things to say but don’t always have something about gaming or fitness to write. so! if you like me and want to keep reading, check me out at: I’m still working on what that is going to look like but i think it will be fun!

xs and os!



{May 27, 2010}   Rushed

Hey all,

Today is a rushed day. A lot is going on and I’m not sure that I’m going to have time for a real post. I’m currently at my desk inhaling my food (terrible plan) on a 10 minute lunch so I can keep on trucking with life.

While I’m super boring today, be prepared for a great and hilarious guest post from Andy tomorrow!

Also, if you enjoy the blog and feel like feeding my neediness- you can subscribe! There’s a button on the sidebar- click it! And comment on posts! Who knows, maybe YOU can be our next guest poster! Huzzah!


{May 17, 2010}   In the beginning…

I was a chubby girl who liked some video games and met a wonderful boy who liked them more. For our wedding I lost 30 pounds which, thanks to an unhealthy love for burritos, pizza and RPGs, I gained back over the course of two years.

I’m working those pounds off now and am realizing that if I think about it all in gaming terms, it’s a much more enjoyable process.

This is the chronicle of that process and just how I see fitness as it relates to games!

et cetera