Gamer Girl Gets Thin

Hey all!

Here is a constantly rotating list of the references I’m using to help me grow and progress. You’ll see a list of books, blogs, forums and any other tools that I think are helping me out as I move along.


Girl Heroes– As mentioned in a couple of posts, this is my mentor/trainer/friend, Jenn, who is an inspiration and hero to me. Every time I start to think I can’t do this, she’s right there encouraging me through her blog and email! Read her stuff, you’ll <3 her as much as I do!– My fave part of this is the Daily Plate, it’s where I keep track of what I’m shoving in my gaping maw and see how it relates directly to my waistline.

Pandora– Music! My Death Cab for Cutie station is probably my fave workout mix right now. Oh how I love internet radio.


Skinny Bitch– Hilarious, witty, full of great advice. I’m not going vegan and some of their stuff was a little too much but, the overall advice is great. Use your head, eat real food, stop whining and start moving.

Omnivore’s Dilemma– I’m just getting started on this one, review to follow soon!

Other Stuff:

Food Inc.– If you haven’t seen this yet, do it. Immediately. It will absolutely change how you look at what you eat and, hopefully, will change what you eat!

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