Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{December 1, 2010}  

This is our town right now. See how you can’t see the difference between the road and sidewalk? Yep. SNOW. Winter. Me dreaming of moving back to California.

I had such a great workout last night, one of the best I’ve had in the last month of unmotivated slump. DH and I did Thanksgiving on Monday so I doubled up my workout last night- strength training first then went to¬† my dance class. We did this routine that we haven’t done since I first went almost a year ago. I did so much better than I ever had before! Yay! I felt amazing and like I’ve come so far. Plus it’s a really fun routine and all of my gym friends were there. It really felt like running a dungeon you haven’t in 20 levels and seeing just how much easier it is. Still not perfect but soooo much easier.

Andy and his family are coming this weekend! I’M SO EXCITED. They’re totally going to make up for winter ruining my week.


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