Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{November 23, 2010}   May the Force be with Katie!

This post is absolutely overdue. I should have written it last week when the story really hit; I’m sure that it’s old news to everyone on the internet. But, it all touched my heart so much that even now, days after first hearing about it, I get all teary.

This darling first-grader, Katie, has been getting bullied at school for her love of Star Wars. When she took a Star Wars water bottle to school, the boys in her class told her that Star Wars was only for boys. Her mom took to her blog to talk about the bullying Katie was enduring and how heartbreaking it is, especially for something that shouldn’t be gender specific at all!

So, The Internet, in all of it’s wonderful love, rose up and poured in support for Katie. Thousands of comments on her mom’s post and a twitter hashtag #MayTheForceBeWithKatie! I love it!

All of this makes me love The Internet so much. To see so much kindness and love poured out on this little girl; it’s incredible.

And really, as a good geek girl, who would I be if I didn’t just throw in- I’m with Katie, Star Wars is THE BEST!

Here’s a video interview with Katie and her mom. She’s so cute! Look at those adorable missing teeth!


I hope your Thanksgiving week is full of love and kindness. I’m so grateful for the people in my life that love me, for the friends and family we have and, of course, for DH always loving me and putting up with my spinning in bed. And right now, I’m tearily (I just made that word up) so moved by and grateful for all of the people on the internet who loved this little girl enough to support her. It’s just beautiful!

(I’m such a sap.)


{June 18, 2010}   So Say We All

Happy Friday, all! As promised, here is a for reals post with actual content- in the form of Andy’s Friday Guest post! Huzzah!

It’s Friday!!! It’s supposed to be sunny today! So excited about that! Srsly, it’s almost summer, can we get rid of the rain please? kthnx.

Okay, as I write, there is a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies out on the big table in customer service… those jerks. And this is after I weighed in a 1/2 pound heavier today than last week… those jerks! So I’m sticking with my  Earl Grey, hot and a banana. You know what? I’m ok with that. And after this week I’m glad it wasn’t more than a 1/2 lb. What with The Wedding and it’s free beer and fried chicken; and peanut butter filled Voodoo Donuts after going to The A-Team and eating all kinds of cheese covered calories with yet more beer with my dear friend Jenn here and our significant others. And yes, it’s true, we did in fact WATCH a workout after all of that. So a gain this week is not surprising. As Jenn also said, it’s ok to do that once in a long while as a special thing with old friends (what’s it been Jenn? 17ish years we’ve been friends?). But, if I keep eating that regularly it’s going to kill me. That’s the big reason I wanted to help Jenn with this blog and get my big butt in shape.
The good news is that since the start of this blog i have lost 3 pounds!!! 3 whole pounds!! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but for me that’s awesome! Slowly going down is better than slowly going dead. I’m not going to look like Han Solo in a man thong over night, it’s going to take time. And since right now I look more like Jabba the Hutt in a man thong, it’s going to take a really long time, but that’s the price I have to pay for 30 years of eating like Jabba the Hutt.
If you feel like a Hutt in any kind of thong then join me in my journey to go from Tons-of Fun to just Fun. We can do it! So Say We All.
And with that, have a great weekend my friends!!

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