Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{November 26, 2010}   Obsession Deepens

Keeping from regaining all of the weight I’ve lost throughout this winter is proving to be difficult. Our first winter in Idaho was pretty mild- we had about a week of snow and then it was just generally chilly with some freezing cold rain throughout. This winter, though, is proving to be entirely different- we’ve already had snow and it’s seriously cold all the time. I’m whining.

As I’ve mentioned, I want nothing more than to eat everything in sight, put on an extra layer of warming fat then hibernate for the next three months.

As a result, my obsession with food seems to be growing. All I want to do is bake (the oven being on keeps the front of our apartment so nice and toasty!), eat then bake some more.  Joy the Baker’s Pumpkin Bread anyone?

Luckily, I’ve found myself sick over the Thanksgiving holiday and, instead of eating my body weight in stuffing, I’m sleeping 14 hours a day (yay hibernation!), sipping my coffee and starting to indulge in some serious nerd reads.

If anyone out there has some good winter healthy food ideas, I’d love to hear them! At this juncture, I’ve made more things in the last week with ‘cream of something soup’ in them than I have in almost a year.  In the mean time, here’s to not hibernating! Wait…. is that a good thing? Wouldn’t hibernating be awesome?!


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