Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{August 18, 2010}   Gym Trolls

Do you ever feel like the people who work at the gym are also the trolls of the gym? I’m really starting to feel this way with trainers at my gym.

I’ve got one that I work with to do my measurements. But, beyond that, I try to avoid it all. The thing is, I seem to be wearing a “Please come try to sell me something with your charming smile and muscle shirt” sign on my forehead. At lease once a month, I get approached by some gym guy and it goes like this:

“Hey my name is Dirk, how are you?”

“Uh, fine….” (typically through pants because they love to talk to me while I’m on the Elliptical or Stepmill) I always keep at least one earbud in here in hopes that Dirk will realize I would rather workout than talk to him. That’s what I pay my membership fees for- working out. I digress…

“So, have you ever thought about working with a trainer?”

“You know, Dirk, I already am actually. Thanks though!”

“Oh!” (He always looks surprised and a little judgmental here.) “Well, are you seeing the results you want to?”

“You know, I am! I’ve lost almost 20lbs and over 13 inches since February. Bye!”

Then, as I put in my headphones and go back to whatever I was watching or listening to, I can still hear him in the background “If you ever need anything…”

Dear WoW Trolls, I don’t want to buy gold for actual dollars. Dear Gym Trolls, I don’t want you pushing your services on me and if I were going to hire a trainer it certainly wouldn’t be pumped up dirk and his rippling biceps.


{July 28, 2010}   Nerding Out

When DH and I were raiding quite a bit with our guilds, we were totally those people who watch the Tankspot raid guides. You don’t want to go into ICC as that person who is like “whaaaa?? I didn’t know that I shouldn’t stand in the fire! It’s blue so I thought it was cool!”

Turns out, I’m applying this same mindset to the classes at my gym. I’ve mentioned that I’m Big Bird when it comes to classes. I’ve got this class I really love, Body Attack, that I go to once a week and think I’m going to up it to two weeks.

It leaves me feeling and looking like this:

So, yesterday, I spent the bulk of my free time at the gym and then watching videos from the class so I can be ready for Thursday’s attempt. I think I have issues. But, the only way to know what you’re supposed to be doing is to go in prepared! I wonder if watching videos of people getting skinny would be helpful…. I also wonder if those exist in a not sketchy format. Doubtful.

Unrelated, here’s my new bike! Yay bike!

Isn’t she beautiful? I’ve named her Audrey. And I love her. In fact, I’m going to take her for a ride tonight! Woo!

Happy middle day (I refuse to call it hump day), friends! xoxo

{July 26, 2010}   Return!

I’ve returned to the land of the living, yay! That cold last week was seriously one of the worst I’ve had in a while. If I were a video game character, I would have been covered in some green craze with those little puffs of skull cloud that follow you and going REALLY slow all the time with my hp at half and depleting at twice the normal rate. It was no good, friends. But! I survived and am living to game another day!

One of the things that last week made me realize is the great value of preparation. When we raid, it is absolutely required that everyone come to raid fully prepared- having purchased their flasks from the guild bank, ready with their armor repaired and whatever ammo or reagents they require, free of any disease or other curse and ready to go.

I felt like last week was one of those horrible slog raids. Like running Naxx- you know you’re going to be fine and you go into it with a bit of a cavalier attitude. But then, after the first hour of the run, you realize you would have been better off coming in as prepared as if it were something that mattered and it’s going to be a LONG haul until the end. Such is being sick. We didn’t have any meds, my fridge was mostly empty save bagels and tortilla chips and some weird brown rice noodles (I don’t recommend. Fyi. They are gross.). I managed to drop a pound and a half last week but it was not for healthy eating. It was for being too sick to eat much or to go to the store and purchase more food. By the time we got healthy, all I’ve craved is salad and veggies and fresh things.

Either way, we survived! And next time? I’ll be prepared. When I first feel the tickle, I’ll hit the store for meds and fill my fridge with things that are going to help me get better faster.

This week is back to routine. I’ve been missing my gym!

Happy Monday, all! I hope it’s a wonderful week for you.

{July 16, 2010}   Not related to anything

but it’s just so hilarious!

{July 16, 2010}   Motivation

One of my fave things about getting the 10 levels (10, 20, 30, etc.) is that it’s so motivating to keep going. You get new skills and talents, your gear increases significantly and, starting 60 and up, you get new zones! It’s so great!

That’s a lot how I’m feeling about my fitness right now. Meeting my birthday goal was so motivating for me to keep going. Lavish compliments from my family didn’t hurt things either. :)

I think this is one of the reasons setting incremental goals to our larger one is so so vital. The task, as a whole, can be so daunting. I know that my poor priest is chilling at level 63 because it just feels so far to get her to 80 and the to get her well geared and ready to raid once I’ve gotten 80. The thought of losing 30 more pounds can be even more overwhelming. But, when I break it down into smaller pieces with goal dates, I feel so hopeful that I can make those goals! Level 80? Forever away. Level 60 in my fitness? I can totally do that! Only 10 pounds to go!

{July 13, 2010}   w00t!

I win! Birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to give myself 2 things:

1. Getting down to a certain goal weight (which I’m reluctant to post here but is over at the forums if you want to know for reals).

2. Clean house.

Friends, I’ve beaten the bosses and achieved my goal! I’m so stoked. I weighed this morning and found that I had hit my goal weight for this week! Stoked!! So stoked! I’m going to go ahead and call this a level. I think probably level 50. Hecks yes! Just 10 more until I can move on to the Outlands of a smaller size of clothes!!! WOOO!

Also, our house is clean. So clean. I lurve it. I have laundry to do and the clean has emphasized how messy my closets are but omg I love the way clean house feels and smells. I even bought some Pledge and dusted my furniture with it so it’s nice and shiny. Happy Birthday to me! I feel like house cleaning is my biggest fail raid. It’s one of those stupid ones- like when you first got 80 and kept wiping in Onyxia and had no idea why b/c seriously, all you have to do is keep out of the fire. No more wiping for me! I’ve beaten it once and am certain we can keep it up!

Andy and I have been talking a lot about goals recently- I’ve decided I want to be below what I weighed at our wedding by DH’s birthday. That means I’ve got about 9 pounds to go and 10 weeks. I can totally do this. Andy wants to be to his goal weight by February. What do you want to do? We can totally work on this together. That’s the nice thing about being a guild- while your gear or talent tree might suck right now, we can work together to get it figured out! Hit us up over on the forums or in the comments!

{July 12, 2010}   Gear Upgrades

It’s totally time for me to start upgrading my gear to match my level. My main off-hand piece, my scale, is way under-geared, I think. I’m totally one of those people whose weight wavers quite a bit based simply on the time of day, how tired I am, etc. But, this weekend, I met a huge frustration with my scale. It appears to be waffling by a pound within a matter of minutes. I just can’t imagine I’m gaining a pound in 5 minutes. And, for all of the hard work I put in this week, it kept switching between having lost a pound or a half a pound. Um, scale? You’re giving me a complex.

So, this week, I’m hunting for a new scale. One that won’t make me want to cry and break things because of it’s inconsistency. Anyone have suggestions?

{July 9, 2010}   Attention Deficit Andy

Hello and welcome to yet another Fun Friday Post! Today we’ll be talking about…well, I don’t know yet. Let’s find out together shall we? Onward to the post!

So this week I did something that I hardly ever do and have, thus far in my life, tried with great effort to keep it that way. I. Went. Jogging…Twice. Well I also started playing We Rule on my iPhone, speaking of which, my onions are ready to harvest. So yes, I went jogging on Wednesday and this morning. I would have gone yesterday but my legs were, how shall we say, understandably sore. But the good news is that I still want to go again! Hopefully this will turn into something I do regularly. I really like our new neighborhood, and the fact that I don’t feel like I have to carry a gun when we go out or wonder about the darkly dressed individuals coming out of the trees late at night carrying large backpacks. I really like our new neighborhood.

Of course I wish I could run like my toon does on WoW. Little wonder why all the characters in that game are so muscley looking, they never stop running! I’d just be happy if I could go more than 100 yards at a slow jog without wanting to kill myself. Some day, some day.

Well my friends, I’m getting distracted by shiny things so…

{July 8, 2010}   The Basics: HP

Today, Andy and I wanted to pull together some of the bits and pieces we’ve said about HP. We haven’t hit this topic yet and it’s definitely a must!

Back to when you awaken in Elwynn Forest. You’re level 1 and your HP is low. Horrifically low. Embarrassingly so. You know this feeling- going up or down the stairs at work (or in my case, the three flights to my apartment) leaves you completely winded. Your quads are sore from a five minute stroll you took with your spouse after work the day before. You’re an embarrassment both to yourself and to all creatures that have move-able appendages and get about thanks to their own body power. (Did anyone see Wall-E? That part where the people just live in lounge chairs and are too fat to walk was seriously stressful and motivating for me. Noooo I don’t want to be that!)

The solution to this problem? Getting fit! The only way I’m going to be able to do more is to do what I can every day. Just like in gaming, every level I get is going to increase my HP. In so doing, my strength, stamina and agility are all going to go up as well!

There are so many things that are important to HP- one of the biggest is making sure you’ve got the right food in your bags. I think I’ve been ranting a lot lately about food, sorry about that. But, like my trainer says, you can’t out-train a questionable diet. It’s not possible. For me, the exercise part is easy- it’s attainable and gives me something to check off my list every day and is easy to see how I’m progressing. Unfortunately, if I’m working out all crazy and still eating level 5 food, I’m hindering my own progress. And, really, will probably end up broken. Oh how I hate seeing that little armor guy in the corner of my screen.

Next up: add something every day. If you want your HP to increase, you have to level. It’s really simply done- add a walk on your break every day, add 10 push ups before you go to bed at night, add one serving of vegetables a day. You’ll probably want to work on some subtraction too- subtract one round of fast food, one soda a day, one sweet, just something. Little things absolutely add up. And they are going to add up to more HP and a skinnier you!

IRL, HP= Energy, Strength, Stamina, Agility, Ability to walk a block without needing a rest. Let’s grind out the levels for more HP! Onward to 80!

{July 7, 2010}   Timely

Check out the latest comic from Ctrl Alt Delete! Trolls!

And, to see the uncensored by us version… here’s the link. Be forewarned, there are swears.

et cetera