Gamer Girl Gets Thin

{January 3, 2011}   moving over

hey friends on the internet!

a year into an active life and i’m having a really hard time relating it to nerdy things all the time. it’s taken on a genre of it’s own and i’m feeling out of stuff to say, i think.

that said, i think i’m going to transfer over to my tumblr account and quit blogging here.  i feel like have little things to say but don’t always have something about gaming or fitness to write. so! if you like me and want to keep reading, check me out at: I’m still working on what that is going to look like but i think it will be fun!

xs and os!


{December 1, 2010}  

This is our town right now. See how you can’t see the difference between the road and sidewalk? Yep. SNOW. Winter. Me dreaming of moving back to California.

I had such a great workout last night, one of the best I’ve had in the last month of unmotivated slump. DH and I did Thanksgiving on Monday so I doubled up my workout last night- strength training first then went to  my dance class. We did this routine that we haven’t done since I first went almost a year ago. I did so much better than I ever had before! Yay! I felt amazing and like I’ve come so far. Plus it’s a really fun routine and all of my gym friends were there. It really felt like running a dungeon you haven’t in 20 levels and seeing just how much easier it is. Still not perfect but soooo much easier.

Andy and his family are coming this weekend! I’M SO EXCITED. They’re totally going to make up for winter ruining my week.

{November 30, 2010}   A lot about nothing!

Hey guys, my blog got two hits yesterday from someone searching “gamer girl feet.” I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here before but I have a serious thing against feet. I don’t want anyone touching mine and I, likewise, don’t want to be touched by anyone else’s feet.Feet are disgusting. When we were in high school, Andy used to torture me by holding me down and putting his feet on me. Just thinking of that still makes me all crazy eyed angry and ready to pull someone’s hair out.

So… whoever found us by searching for feet… so sorry to disappoint you. There won’t be any feet here. But! Welcome!

I hope you guys don’t mind but I’ve really enjoyed blogging random-not-related-to-anything posts recently. It’s been a nice break from the norm and much less daunting than trying to come up with something gaming and getting thin related all of the time.

I recently realized that the reason I never let my facebook check me in at places is that it would be too embarrassing. “Jenn has checked in at work!” “Jenn has checked in at the gym!” “Jenn has checked in at home where she seems to be watching back to back movies for the foreseeable future!” It’s cold and snowy and we’re mostly living hunkered down in our house watching all kinds of movies and t.v. shows (The Walking Dead, anyone?).  Luckily, I’ve got some friends at the gym who call me up if I haven’t been there recently and are helping me stay at least semi-motivated. The scale is still moving slowly downward and I’m happily fitting into things I’ve been carrying around from house to house for four years in hopes that some day they would fit! So all in all, winter is off to a good start.

Upcoming things to tell you about: why I watch silly things as a chaser for scary things and how Top Gear won’t suffice.

xs and os!

{November 26, 2010}   Obsession Deepens

Keeping from regaining all of the weight I’ve lost throughout this winter is proving to be difficult. Our first winter in Idaho was pretty mild- we had about a week of snow and then it was just generally chilly with some freezing cold rain throughout. This winter, though, is proving to be entirely different- we’ve already had snow and it’s seriously cold all the time. I’m whining.

As I’ve mentioned, I want nothing more than to eat everything in sight, put on an extra layer of warming fat then hibernate for the next three months.

As a result, my obsession with food seems to be growing. All I want to do is bake (the oven being on keeps the front of our apartment so nice and toasty!), eat then bake some more.  Joy the Baker’s Pumpkin Bread anyone?

Luckily, I’ve found myself sick over the Thanksgiving holiday and, instead of eating my body weight in stuffing, I’m sleeping 14 hours a day (yay hibernation!), sipping my coffee and starting to indulge in some serious nerd reads.

If anyone out there has some good winter healthy food ideas, I’d love to hear them! At this juncture, I’ve made more things in the last week with ‘cream of something soup’ in them than I have in almost a year.  In the mean time, here’s to not hibernating! Wait…. is that a good thing? Wouldn’t hibernating be awesome?!

{November 23, 2010}   May the Force be with Katie!

This post is absolutely overdue. I should have written it last week when the story really hit; I’m sure that it’s old news to everyone on the internet. But, it all touched my heart so much that even now, days after first hearing about it, I get all teary.

This darling first-grader, Katie, has been getting bullied at school for her love of Star Wars. When she took a Star Wars water bottle to school, the boys in her class told her that Star Wars was only for boys. Her mom took to her blog to talk about the bullying Katie was enduring and how heartbreaking it is, especially for something that shouldn’t be gender specific at all!

So, The Internet, in all of it’s wonderful love, rose up and poured in support for Katie. Thousands of comments on her mom’s post and a twitter hashtag #MayTheForceBeWithKatie! I love it!

All of this makes me love The Internet so much. To see so much kindness and love poured out on this little girl; it’s incredible.

And really, as a good geek girl, who would I be if I didn’t just throw in- I’m with Katie, Star Wars is THE BEST!

Here’s a video interview with Katie and her mom. She’s so cute! Look at those adorable missing teeth!


I hope your Thanksgiving week is full of love and kindness. I’m so grateful for the people in my life that love me, for the friends and family we have and, of course, for DH always loving me and putting up with my spinning in bed. And right now, I’m tearily (I just made that word up) so moved by and grateful for all of the people on the internet who loved this little girl enough to support her. It’s just beautiful!

(I’m such a sap.)

{November 17, 2010}   Two nights ago

I woke up to DH staring at me. Not touching me, not doing anything, just staring at me. I had hit him so I apologized then fell back asleep. I woke back up to the creepy feeling of him staring at me again. Uncomfortable with that, I asked “Are you just staring at me?” He asked if my arm was going to fall asleep above my head like that. I rolled over so as to not see his creepy staring eyes and went back to sleep.

What really happened: All of this occurred in a 3 second span. I did not, in fact, fall back asleep between events so much as just closed my eyes. He was just watching because I had been spinning in my sleep. Smiling and spinning to be exact. Just rolling over and over, happiest look on my face, arms and legs flailing everywhere. He thought I might be having a dream that I was dancing so he wanted to see how long I would dance in bed like that.

{November 17, 2010}   Hibernation

Winter is setting in. I was over at my parent’s this weekend (we live on opposite sides of our state- they’re on the east side and get WAY more snow than we do) where I was met with the unfortunate presence of snow. I really wish I was someone who loved winter and snow sports. I think snowboarding girls are soooo cool. Infinitely cooler based solely on the sport they enjoy. It’s just so brutal and there are so many ways to both be awesome AND get hurt! But, the real rub? I HATE being cold. HATE HATE HATE. Couldn’t begin to express to you how much I hate being cold. And I live in a state with 4 seasons. On purpose. What was I thinking?


I’m realizing that, for me (and really, for most people) winter makes me want to eat and sleep. If I could find a way to do both at the same time and still enjoy both, I would. I keep wishing I could just eat myself fat and then go to sleep until spring and wake up skinny. Hibernating just sounds so awesome!

Isn’t it so cute and peaceful! That’s how I feel when I’m sleeping during the winter!

Winter is a sleepy season and is just starting. I’m trying to find some ways to trick myself all winter long- trick myself into not eating butter by the stick (and mashed potatoes all day long. All I want is mashed potatoes.) and trick myself into moving instead of just sleeping.

At the same time, I think it’s really important to listen to the rhythms of our bodies; to do what they need and trust that if we are treating them well, they will also let us know what they need to stay healthy. That in mind, I think I’m going to try to keep my schedule closer to the sun and get some good rest this winter while I trick myself into healthy food and staying consistent with the gym.


{November 8, 2010}   Bag Lady

Last week, as I walked out of my office, I realized that I always have too much stuff with me. Way too much. On that particular day I had my lunch bag, my purse, my coffee, my water bottle, my scarf and a bag with jeans given to me by my seamstress. I’d love to pretend that this is new for me but it’s been a constant in my life.

As a little girl, I had this small suitcase that I carried everywhere. I loved it because I pretended it was a briefcase like my mom carried. (I was also the child who wore things to try to match her whenever I could. I loved trying to be grown up like my mom. I even once tried to wear a pair of her high heels down some stairs which, as you can imagine, ended badly for Little Girl Big Bird.) I carried this silly suitcase everywhere full of my treasures- a bunny, a blanket and who knows what else. I’m pretty sure I frequently had that in one hand and whatever couldn’t fit in it in my other hand. On days my dad let me dress myself, I would show up to my grandparent’s house with the suitcase, whatever other stuff and wearing most of my clothes. Skirt over jeans (I hated jeans as a little girl), bright colored t-shirt, bright socks, ribbons in my hair and, to make sure I had enough color, a bright scarf tied around my waist. My family frequently teased that I looked like a little bag lady.


Please note the boots… what are those? But I’m so happy and excited! Little Big Bird, her beloved Papa and the snowman she shortly killed with a snowmobile! This day is still one of my favorite memories.

Anyway, as I left work the other day, I realized not much has changed. I still have the most stuff with me- whether it’s leaving work or on my way to the gym. Water bottle, phone, keys, towel, iPod, headphones, sweater. Always too much stuff and bag lady Jenn.


{November 3, 2010}   The Cheezit Discipline

Alternate title: I suck at moderation but I’m trying!

When I was in college, I had this roommate (who is still one of my bffs. Hi Amy! Don’t stab me!) who loved her some Cheezits. Now, as a quick point of clarification, there are a million other things that are much more notable about Amy than the Cheezit thing. It’s just the point of this post. I digress.

I used to tease her relentlessly about her love for Cheezits. She’s the most disciplined and self-controlled person I know and would apply this trait to everything- even her Cheezit love. When she got a new box of Cheezits, she would ration them out- one serving at a time- so the enjoyment could last as long as possible.

I have never been this person. I’ve always been the kid who eats all of their Halloween candy in one sitting until they are sick. When Valentine’s day rolls around, I can go through a 1lb bag of candy hearts (which are totally my Cheezits) in a 24 hour period. It’s really gross.

I was recently talking with a friend about the struggle of sugar and I told her about what we now just refer to as “The Cheezit Discipline.” Portion the things you love out into reasonable sizes and make them last over time.

As we quickly approach the holidays a.k.a. the best food time of the year, I’m trying to learn to apply The Cheezit Discipline to my life. Today, I’m trying to apply it to baked oatmeal. I made this gorgeous baked oatmeal on Sunday- it’s full of oats, milk, eggs and, gulp, brown sugar. Really though, in moderation, it’s totally a reasonable thing to eat. What do I want to do? I want to sit down with the casserole dish and eat the entire thing in one sitting. I keep telling myself to eat it like it’s Cheezits. One serving a day.

Moderation. Moderation. Moderation.

Just because she’s great, here’s a picture of Amy and I circa 2007ish:

{November 1, 2010}   People. Are. Awesome.

I’ve been massively unmotivated lately. To blog, to focus on health and fitness, to do pretty much anything other than the stuff I absolutely have to. I’ve made it to the gym and been eating okay but I haven’t been making great progress; just getting by.

So I’ve been looking for things to motivate me, realizing that the best inspiration comes from the people around me. Today is for celebrating how awesome people are. Luckily, I ran across this video (if you read Dooce, you’ve totally seen it)

What are you guys up to? What motivates you?

et cetera